Friday, September 30, 2005

Props to my People

One thing I've noticed over the course of my short time in the indie film business is that there is about as much drama behind the scenes as on a Hollywood set. Therefore, when you find real, genuine people in this crazy business, you treasure them. My buddy Rod Pitts is one dude. The guy puts up with my crap, he advises me, and we hang out. True, we spend a lot of time watching movies, but it's not just about movies with us. The man is my friend and my brother. I have a support group of actors and actresses. We keep each other informed and we encourage each other. I appreciate that. It just feels better when my people are around me, whether we're acting, going to auditions, or just being extras in a scene. Having said that, it is time to give props to my people. The homegirl Arnita (Westwoood!) told me that she has been doing stand-in work on Black Snake Moan. She is standing in for S. Epatha Merekrson from TV's "Law and Order" and for someone else, I think. My good friend Elijah Walls is also standing in for David Banner, the rapper turned actor. That's great. I am so proud of my people. In a short time, we have really been hustling and trying to make it happen. I pray that our bonds of friendship strengthen and that we continue to be cool, even though I have a feeling that Hollywood may call us at different times. This one's for my acting friends. Let's get money and live our dreams. Be easy, readers.


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