Sunday, October 02, 2005

Early Weekend Wrap-Up

I am typing this on Sunday from a computer at the University of Memphis. It's better that you don't ask how. Okay, here's the weekend so far:

Friday, Rod and I worked on Keenon's film. We had a quick shoot with Travis Stone and April Hale at Keenon's mother's house. Other cast members couldn't make it, but it's cool. Saturday, we shot at Keenon's house with the girl who plays Keenon's daughter at age 8, Selina. It was a fairly quick scene. I wanted to kick it, but I was tired from waking up at 7 AM. Plus, I had a 9AM shoot. I crashed, woke up at 4:45, and started getting ready. Picked up Bryan, who printed more headshots for me. I need to send 20 to Forrest Pruett at Actors First ( A brother needs to start getting paid for this! I dropped Bryan off at the Mid-South Fair to work and made it to the Cooper-Young Area over John Fuess' house where we filmed on Mail Call. My films were quick. Vineet bought me and this other guy some coffee. I play a board game geek named Willie. My scenes involved putting junk in my car, speaking to the mailperson (played by Indie Memphis vet Carole Rowland), and scowling at my boardgame competitor, Yuri. Yuri was played by a guy named Patrick. Everyone was cool. I wrapped, and rolled over to Brian Pera's shoot, Other Way Round. I was an extra in a party scene. More Indie Memphis All-Stars were in the building: Sarah Essen, who is in Mail Call, Delusions, and should be joining the cast of Just the Two of Us. I also ran into Michael McClendon, from Third Wheel Date and Just the Two of Us. He said that he reads my blog. I knew my readership was bound to increase after Jon Sparks ( posted a link to my blog on his blog. Yeah! new readers! Woohooo! Okay, I'm calm. I also chilled with the homegirl Arnita (Westwoood!) and my girl LaVita (Vita Loca). They got bumped up to speaking roles. I was j (jealous), but happy for them. I also chatted with Ebony and Asia, two more up and coming actors. One of them was an extra in Hustle and Flow. I am j again. I also met this dude named JP who went to school at Ole Miss for acting. Respect, brother. We need to use that cat in some Pittstop Productions films. I also met this guy named Juan Corrigan. He will find us some Hispanic-speaking females for Spin Cycle. He also seemed hella cool. I came, I chilled, I drunk water and had crackers. Pretty good day. Now if only Black Snake Moan would call me for that juke joint scene. Ah, well, there's still hope. Now, I just got offered a role in Fraternity Massacre on Hell Island. It's an indie (no pay), but who cares! The pay will come. I'm living this dream,. people. Be easy, people.


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