Saturday, December 29, 2007

On my Huey Lewis (Couple Days Off): The Christmas Holiday Blog


On Christmas Day, I trailed my brother over my great-aunt Velma's house, where the Christmas festivities took place. My cousin Alison showed off her new daughter, Aniyah. She is tiny and beautiful. I chilled out with my cousins Keke, Archie Jr, Lanelle, and my parents. I gave my mom her gift, Cornbread, Earl and Me on DVD. I gave my stepfather Crossett McGhee his gift, a pack of western DVDs. They gave me fresh new undergarments, several graphic novels, and Transformers on DVD. I had a good time.

Later, I went over Bryan Newcomb's house for a minute. Afterwards, Rod Pitts and I went over our friend Deneka's house. I chilled with her sisters, DeAara Lewis (filmmaker, Tricks), and Raven. We hung out, chilled, and ate some god food. Deneka's son TJ played me some tracks from his upcoming debut album. He has some "Souljah Boy" type stuff, but he also has some songs that deal with issues. I think he is on a lyrical level that most teenage rappers have yet to attain. I have some hope for the next generation of hip-hoppers. We eventually went to the Paradiso to see Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. We were too late for the 10 PM show, so we decided to see the 11:40 showing. My stomach started hurting, so I had to leave. That was the end of Christmas.


I decided to go to Gateway Tire to get a minor issue on my car dealt with. They said the wait would be long. I walked over to the Cordova Cinema and watched Juno. This was a very touching, heartwarming film. Ellen Page (Hard Candy), Michael Cera (Superbad), and Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman (The Kingdom) all gave ecellent performances in this heartwarming yet sarcastic look at teenage pregnancy. I went back to Gateway. They diagnosed the problem, but they had to order the part. I would have to wait unitl the part came.

Afterwards, Bryan Newcomb and I went to an advance screening of Mad Money at the Malco Majestic. Shout out to fellow actors Arnita Williams (In an Instant) and Jacqui G, who were also in attendance. Mad Money starred Diane Keaton, Katie Holmes, and Queen Latifah as Federal Reserve employees who start stealing the money that is supposed to be destroyed. It reminded me of a cheesy 80s film. It was okay.


I sat at home, waiting for Gateway to call me. I watched my DVD of Wrestling Society X. I got a call at 4:50 PM indicating that they had received the part. I would have to go in on Friday to get the new part put on my car.


I arrived at Gateway around 8 PM. I waited for them to get to my car. I read my copy of Sidney Poitier's autobiography, Measure of a Man. It's a great book. They informed me that they were sent the wrong part. Dejected, I left with plans to come back on Monday. I went to the library and surfed the internet. I met up with my brother Travis Barbee aka Hawk. We went to Wal-Mart and then to Wolfchase. I enjoyed speaking with him about positive thinking. He was trying to give me pointers about dating and all of that.

Later, I entered a very dark period of my life. I don't even really want to admit this.....I was bored at home, and I....I turned on the Disney Channel and I watched parts of High School Musical and High School Musical 2. It was the sing-along versions, and.....well.....I kinda liked it!!!! I am so ashamed!!! I'm afraid I'll become a non-threatening big-haired African-American like Corbin Bleu, one of the stars of high school musical. I think I lost my soul last night. I know, that was like the most un-hip-hop thing I've done in, like, a day. I think I'm going to have to watch several Blaxploitation films and listen to Public Enemy all day to regain my "Blackness".
Ah, I feel better. Confession is good for the soul. Seriously, though, I want to be on a Disney show. They overract,er, um, I mean, they're very expressive and it looks like fun. Plus, Disney recycles actors. I could be on a cartoon and a live-action show and a special Disney movie all at the same time. Plus, I want an action figure!! I could be a bumbling gym teacher or something on a Disney show. Maybe, I could be an uncool parent.

I've been going hard at acting for the last three years. It's been more about the love than commerce. I am now deeming '08 the year of the Big Payback!!! I plan to sign with some local agency, try to get some commercial work, and get out there and make some money. I love the game, but love doesn't pay the bills. I feel like the game owes me!! The sellout campaign is in effect!! Be easy, readers!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Line Dances, Holiday Swag, and Ninja Masks:The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work and went over Denna Greer's (What Goes Around) house to exchange presents. I gave her her John Deere Barbie (she's a collector) and Minority Report on DVD for her fiancee, producer Paul "P-Dub" West. She gave me the Roddy Piper DVD set, as well as a Napoleon Dynamite mousepad. Denna is so cool.

After that, I went to the Christmas party for my job. I had fun. I did the few line dances I knew: Elctric Slide, Cha-Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle. I also tried to do the "Crank Dat Souljah Boy" and the DJ played a breakbeat, so I started pop-locking or "juking" as we call it in Memphis.
It was a pretty cool party.


I got my hair cut early in the morning. The barber and I talked music. He likes Lupe Fiasco's new album, The Cool. It is freaking awesome!!!

After that, I hung out at the mall for a minute. Later, I went over Tamara Wick's house. Her boyfriend Rafael had the hookup on the Hot Fuzz 3-disc Special Edition DVD. We chitchatted for a while. I also played with her daughter Alexis. Alexis imitated me. We had a few moments. I fussed at her, and she fussed back. I stood up, and she balled her fists at me. Gotta love the kids. She's a beautiful girl, though. That was pretty much what I did on Saturday.


My brother played Lupe Fiasco's The Cool while he played NBA 2K8. We exchanged gifts: I got him Season one of Eureka, and he bought me the Shawn Michaels DVD collection. Later, I exchanged gifts with "Angry" Nick Jones. He bought me the latest album from veteran rap group UGK, and I bought him Vive Guerrero, a tribute wrestling show that was done in memory of deceased WWE wrestler Eddie Guerrero. He used the Spider-Man gift bag that I gave him on his birthday. He hates Spider-Man, so I had to tease him about it.

After that, Rod Pitts and I saw Walk Hard. It was a parody of music biopics like Ray and Walk the Line. I liked it, but it only made $4 million at the box office this weekend. After that, Rod and I went to Blockbuster Video. They had a sale on DVDs. He bought me some Japanese action flick and he also gave me the copy of About a Boy on DVD that he had previously purchased.

After that, I went to the Dysfunctional Family Christmas" edition of Karaoke Smackdown at the Vault on Highland. Shout out to the host David H, Joe, Natara, Nathan the bartender, Sean George and his brother, and my boy Bryan Newcomb who came out with me and recorded some of my performances. Hopefully, the footage will be in King Indie, my long-in-development documentary about my journey as an actor. David H also raffled off cheesy Christmas gifts that he got from Dollar Tree. I won a ninja set. I wore the headband for a minute, but my head was too big for the cowl. Sean's brother took my throwing stars and attached them to this necklace. He called it "Ninja Bling". Classic!!! I performed "Hey Lover" by LL Cool J and Boyz II Men, "Jingle Bells", and "The Way I Are" by Timbaland featuring Keri Hilson, Sebastian, and DOE. I thougnt that the female vocals would be prerecorded, but I had to do that part too. I pulled it off, and I even juked a little bit on the instrumental break. I had a good time.

Well, I will be getting off work early, and tomorrow, my family will celebrate over my Aunt Velma's house. I will give my mom, stepfather, and my cousin Anwar their gifts. I am getting a little excited. I sincerely wish everyone a merry Christmas and remember, gifts are cool, but family should be forever. Be easy, readers!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Random Thoughts: 12/18/07

1: So, Jodie Foster finally came "out" of the closet, eh? Wow, that was a no-brainer. That's like Hulk Hogan admitting that he likes having a tan. I'm just saying.

2: Why is it that most people that I see in nursing school, with their books and medical scrubs, don't look healthy? I know that the stress of studying can wear you down, but dang!!! I would think that people who read about diseases and see messed up livers and people suffering from heart attacks daily would be a little leery of indulging in donuts and chips and soft drinks. Maybe I've undersetimated the power of junk food.

3: Okay, as a lifelong geek, I'm glad that Judd Apatow and his works (Freaks and Geeks, Superbad, Knocked Up) have shown geeks and slackers in a different light. However, I am a little leery of these "new geeks". I, sir, am an Original Geek. If you have not had a "Kick Me" sign on your back, had to watch out for surprise attacks, or had things written about you on school walls, you do not know what it means to be a geek. All of us don't find beautiful girls and win the respect of our peers like in these great movies. Most of us survive high school, try to get a good gig, and pray that we get a girl someday. Trust me, hot chicks are not all over the comic book store.

4: I received an email alert from hip-hop news site that states that Eddie Murphy is signing Karinne "Superhead" Steffans to his record label. For those that don't know, Karinne was a video actress and porn star known for her "oral talents". She would perform these acts on several rappers and entertainers and publish two dirty tell-all books and achieve a level of infamy. Let me talk to him now: Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, this is not the kind of company you need to be keeping!!! You're an Oscar-nominated actor now, man!!! It was bad enough when they started advertising Norbit during your Oscar campaign. I honestly think that hurt your chances. I've supported you through the unsuccessful albums (I liked the singles), the transvestite incident, even that godawful Beverly Hills Cop III. I realize you're paying child support to two women now (ex-wife and Scary Spice), but I do not think this is a good move. This one will be bad. Pluto Nash bad.

5: Be easy, readers!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Moral Victories, Gifting, and Christmas Crowds: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I went to the mall with my good buddy Ennis Newman aka rapper/producer/sometime actor Fathom 9 ( He copped some new black boots and other urban "gear". We also went to Walgreens, where I bought my mom's birthday gift. She was born December 31. I already had her Christmas present. We had planned to go to a concert and see the Tunnel Clones ( perform at their Christmas party at the Hi-Tone. My stomach started feeling funny, so I had to go home. I went home and watched Friday Night Smackdown on the DVR.


I went to Comics and Collectibles, one of the BEST comic book stores in the Memphis area ( and I hung out for a minute Shout out to C and C employee/singer/producer/karaoke master Sean George for burning me a copy of the new Wu-Tang Clan CD, Eight Diagrams. I am listening to it now, and it's pretty good.

After that, I picked up my buddy and sometime actor Bryan Newcomb (Mail Call, What Goes Around) and we went to Perkins to eat lunch. Afterwards, we went to the Lil' Film Fest 8 at the Media Co-Op. The theme was Resolutions. First of all, Morgan Fox came up and made some announcements, then he said that the Media Co-Op was having its last event on February 23. They're leaving the space under the First Congo Presbyterian Church. I will miss that space. I have had many an audition and attended many screenings at that place. Then Sarah Fleming informed us that this would probably be the last Lil' Film Fest. She has been without benefits for a while and plans to get a more traditional job. Yeah, that was a double dose of sucky news. Things brightened up once the shorts started. Shoutout to Annie Gaia for Paper Doll World, a powerful short where Moncia Summerfield (Eat) and Jeff Pope (Black Snake Moan) played a couple on the verge of divorce. Angel Ortez came with another brilliant short, Nunca Mas (Never Again). It was very sad. People really liked Chris McCoy and Laura Hocking's short Resolutions. I played a famous actor who is selling a fragrance named "Resoulutions". It was fun to be the main character and wear a suit and be kind of smooth. My boy Damarico Fowler called me "Tuxedo Mask". I was also in a short called "Resolutions for the Irresolute". I was a little bummed about my dialogue being cut, but Annie Gaia, Monica Summerfield, Chris Byerly, Jeff Pope, and director Aaron Gwin all did great jobs!! Finally, shoutout to Adam Remsen who won the Jury Award for his short Good Riddance 2007. After the crappy 2007 Adam experienced, he had to win something. My condlences on his mother's recent passing. I pray that 2008 is better for him. Shoutouts also go to Edward Phillips and Corduroy Wednesday, who won the Audience Award for L'Hippopotame Vert FTW! That was a very funny short involving a guy who was playing games with Death. I mean that literally. You have to see this short. Hopefully, the Lil' Film Fest will live on at a different venue. Even though neither of the shorts that I acted in won, people liked my work, hence the "moral victory".

Later, I went to Spin Street and bought the Tunnel Clones' latest CD, Worldwide Open. I also bought a used copy of Killer Mike's first CD, Monster. Killer Mike is a former affiliate of popular rap group Outkast.

After that, I went to a birthday party at my girl Tamara's house. It was her boyfriend Ralph Carasquillo's birthday. I bought him a DVD, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. He seemed to enjoy it. The food and fellowship were good, but eventually, the party became everybody standing in the kitchen drinking. I couldn't really enjoy that, because I don't drink. After a few hours, I bid them adieu.

My last stop was at Jordan's Karaoke Bar and Grill. I sang Corrine Bailey Rae's "Girl Put Your Records On", teamed up with the host David H. and Popcorn on the Thompson Twins' "Hold Me Now", teamed up with Joe and David H on Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf", teamed up with Prince Josh on Afroman's "Because I Got High" and D12's "Purple Hills", then I dueted with David H on Jay-Z/Linkin Park's "Numb Encore". My last song of the night was Billy Joel's "My Life". My mic came unplugged, but with the help of Casey, I plugged it back up and finished the song. We had good times like Jimmy Walker, baby!!!


I watched a little Titans football. Shoutout to the Titans for winning. We are now 8-6. To have a snowball's chance in Hades of making the playoffs, we need to win out last 2 games. Shoutout to the Miami Dolphins for winning their first game in week 14 of the season. My brother is very happy. My brother's friends Toma and Terrence, diehard Cowboys fans, were not so lucky. The Dallas Cowboys lost 10-6. Boo hoo, Cowboys fans. Get a straw and suck it up!!! You're 12-2. You're gonna make the playoffs. Plus, Tony Romo's dating Jessica Simpson. You get no sympathy!! Okay, enough sports talk. This ain't

I watched a movie named Constellation. Gabrielle Union, Billy Dee Williams, and Zoe Saldana were in it. It had some moments, but it wasn't very good. I returned the video to Blockbuster, then I began playing Santa Claus. I went to Rod Pitts' house and gave him his gift, the special edition of the John Woo classic Hard Boiled. Then, I went to the home of filmmaker Keenon Nikita and gave him a 300 DVD. He loved it. Then, I went to Brian Newcomb's house. I gave him his gift, The Presidio on DVD. Then, we went to the movies. We saw Perfect Holiday. It was an okay Christmas romanctic comedy with Gabrielle Union, Moris Chestnut, Rachel True (I love her!!!), Charlie Murphy, and Katt Williams. Queen Latifah produced the film, and she stuck her and Terrence Howard in the film to get people to see it. She shouldn't have. Their parts brought the film down, in my opinion. My brother Travis Barbee called me, and we chatted.

Later, I watched wrestling pay-per-views over my boy Shomari Gant's house. My buddy Paul Briggs came through. I gave him his gift, Cornbread, Earl and Me on DVD. He gave me a 1990s WWF action figure, Razor Ramon. It was unopened and in the box. I almost had a geek fit on the spot!!!

After that, I went to Wal-Mart on Germantown Parkway. I have to give them a shoutout for having an independent wrestling DVD featuring Dennis Rodamn, Curt Hennig, One Man Gang, and the Road Warrors for only $1, as well as having a little two-pack of miniature Marvel Super Heroes with Black Panther and Storm, my favorite superhero married couple. That was awesome. However, for only having four register open, a very dirty store, and closing the U-Scan almost as soon as I came over there, you are on Blog Blast!!!! Plus, you get the gas face. Wal-Mart on Trinity off Gemantown Parkway, you have been warned!!!

I am looking forward to relaxing, chilling with my family, and writing more in the New Year. I probably won't act again until February. Everybody's shut down. Quick reminder: The Importance of Being Russell, a Redneck Comedy of Epic Proportions, is available for sale or rent at Black Lodge Video on Cooper in good ol' Memphis, Tennessee. Shout out to John Pickle for gving me a copy this weekend. I would've paid for it (even though I'm in it), but I appreciated it. Be easy, readers!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

RIP Ike Turner

Musician Ike Turner Dies at 76
Dec. 12, 2007, 4:39 PM EST
The Associated Press
SAN DIEGO -- Ike Turner, whose role as one of rock's critical architects was overshadowed by his ogrelike image as the man who brutally abused former wife and icon Tina Turner, died Wednesday at his home in suburban San Diego. He was 76.
"He did pass away this morning" at his home in San Marcos, in northern San Diego County, said Scott M. Hanover of Thrill Entertainment Group, which managed Turner's musical career.
There was no immediate word on the cause of death, which was first reported by celebrity Web site
Turner managed to rehabilitate his image somewhat in his later years, touring around the globe with his band the Kings of Rhythm and drawing critical acclaim for his work. He won a Grammy in 2007 in the traditional blues album category for "Risin' With the Blues."
But his image is forever identified as the drug-addicted, wife-abusing husband of Tina Turner. He was hauntingly portrayed by Laurence Fishburne in the movie "What's Love Got To Do With It," based on Tina Turner's autobiography.

Lil' Film Fest 8 This Saturday!!!

The theme of Li'l Film Fest 8 is RESOLUTIONS, you know, the New Year's kind. I know, I know, you will cut back on the partying and staying out so late, you will exercise more and loose weight, you will remember to call your mother on her birthday, you will stop watching so much television, you will eat more veggies, and of course you'll spend more time with the dog. But surely you can manage to squeeze in a few hours to make a film, right...?

Please read aloud:"I resolve to make a film for Li'l Film Fest 8. I will capitalize on this unique opportunity to hone and improve my filmmaking abilities. I will have fun while contributing to the success of the Memphis filmmaking community. I resolve to make a film for Li'l Film Fest 8."

The Short & Sweet:
Theme: Resolutions
Duration: 5 minutes or less
Festival Date: December 15, 2007 / 2pm
Festival Location: MeDiA co-op (1000 S. Cooper)
Jury Award ($200)
Audience Choice Award ($200)

Please come out and support me if you can. I am in two short films: Resolutions and Resolutions for the Irresolute. The short that receives the most votes for the Audience Choice Award will be entered into next year's Indie Memphis Film Fest. Please come out and vote for me!!

My name is Markus "King Indie" Seaberry, and I approve this message

Days until Markus Seaberry's next screening: 3 days

Be easy, readers!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Protests, Movies, and Filming:The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, went to Jordan's, and sang karaoke. The karoke host (KJ) David H and I were singing 80s songs. He sang "Your Kiss Is On My List" and "Hold Me Now" by the Thompson Twins and we dueted on Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf". I sang "Wishing Well" by Terrence Trent D'arby and another 80s song that escapes my memory now. It was fun.


I took part in a march from Clayborn Temple to the National Civil Rights Museum. We were marching for diversity on the National Civil Rights Board. We want people of all races and backgrounds represented. It was cool. We were singing spirituals and protest songs and chanting. We had a program at the Civil Rights Museum. Marion Barry spoke, as did others. Shout out to Action News 5, who were first on the scene. Shout out to the guy from Fox 13 who videotaped the sign someone gave me a few times. It said "Our History Not For Sale". He also videotaped my black t-shirt with Martin Luther King on it. So often in life, we see the ugly, dark side of humanity. It was good to see human beings of different ethnicities and stations uniting for a worthy cause. Shout out to Steve Fox, student/poet/rapper, who was in attendance. He says that he's working on some new music with his producer Memphis Boy ( It should be good.

After that, I went to Peabody Place and went to the movies. I saw Beowulf. It looked cool, but the actual movie was kind of silly to me. I didn't really care for it.

I hung out downtown for a few more hours until it was time for a party at Chris McCoy and Laura Hocking-McCoy's house in midtown. There was good food and good conversation. The conversation got political, but most people had the same views. It was a good party. Craig Brewer and his beautiful wife (who is 7 months pregnant) also came through. I was a little tired, so I left around 1 AM.


I was prepared to lounge around most of the day. Around 5 PM, filmmaker Rod Pitts informed me that Keenon Nikita (director, Just the Two of Us) needed my help in shooting some footage of people outside the R. Kelly concert. I met Keenon and his daughter Ashely down there and we shot some background footage to be used for another one of Keenon's projects. We also met a starving artist type, a guitar player. The man had four strings on his guitar (they usually have six) but he played a and sang a very moving version of "Redemption Song". We also shot some footage of Keenon's daughter, Ashley, singing.

After that, I went back to my side of town. I ate at the Dixie Cafe in Bartlett, then I saw Feel the Noise at the Bartlett 10, the discount ($2.50) movie theater. I normally like cheesy dance movies, but this was more of a cheesy reggaeton movie. Reggaeton is like a combination of hip-hop, Spanish, and Jamaican influences. The movie had some good points, but it was kind of silly. I have not enjoyed most of the movies that I have watched lately. Maybe I'll make a better choice next week.

I am looking forward to the Lil' Film Fest this weekend. I am in two short films. Hopefully, one of them will win. Then, I will have one film guaranteed to be in next year's Indie Memphis Film Fest. That is MY festival. I have to have a good showing. Be easy, readers!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Filming, Parties, and Way Too Much Pizza: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, stayed at home and watched TV. Yay for TV.


I shot a short film called Resolutions for the Irresolute. It was directed by Aaron Gwin, a first-time director. Aaron is the son of a guy that I used to work with at the Ned McWherter library on the U of M campus. Memories in the corner of my mind and all that. Other people involved in the short were Annie Gaia (Eat), Monica Summerfield (Eat),Jeff Pope (Black Snake Moan), and Chris Byerly(Last Call Lovin) helped out with the filming. The short film is about a bad infomercial for a cassette that helps you keep your New Year's Resolutions. The short will be entered in the next Lil' Film Fest. The theme is resolutions. Aaron also fed us. He ordered quite a few pizzas. I was bad, I ate several slices. I also drank a Coke. I hadn't touched a soft drink in months. I will definitely have to get back on track with my fitness regimen.

Later, I went to a birthday celebration for my friend Terra Hollis. I bought her this British indie horror movie, Severance. She likes the blood and guts and screaming. I'm not a big horror person, but whatever makes her happy. We were at Bahama Breeze. I also ran into this pastor I know, Shane Norment. He was out with his wife and child. Shoutout to Denna Greer (What Goes Around), Paul "P-Dub" West, Shomari Gant, Mario, Jill, Terrence, "Angry" Nick Jones, Courtney Wright, and everybody else that came out. It was cool.


I went to a wrap party for the film Cruel. It is a silent horror film that was shot in the Mid-South area. Duane Craig wrote and directed it, and R.C. Knight of Knight Entertainment helped finance it. Shout out to Don Myers (Tricks), Jon "Sparky" Sparks (, Chris Byerly, Monica Summerfield, her beautiful daugher October, Arnita Williams (In an Instant), Timm Scalita (Ants in an Ant Farm), Dan Reed (100 Lives), and the rest of the cast and crew. We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings on Poplar. They paid for our food, which was really cool.

Later, I went over my good buddy Shomari Gant's house and watched the TNA wrestling pay-per-view. It was pretty awesome.


I have to give a shoutout to anonymous blogger Both Barrels at . This blogger talks about what he feels is wrong in the Memphis Film industry. They pull no punches, and sometimes makes some interesting observations. In the latest blog entry, I am listed as one of the top actors in town. I appreciate the notice. I am also aware that should my performance not be to Both Barrel's liking, they will not hesitate in letting me know. Just one thing, Both Barrels: It's Markus with a "K", not "C". I need a publicist. Be easy, readers!!!