Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm Focused, Man!!!

Yesterday, Rod and I were supposed to get some additional sound for the short The Survivor. It didn't happen. Rod and I got some grub, and I wound up on the U of M campus. I checked my e-mail courtesy of my former coworkers at Ned McWherter Library. I cut through the Theatre Building and ran into my good buddy Aaron Jones (Third Wheel Date, PA Pretender). We chit-chatted about the highs and lows of acting and the tiring hours. Aaron's primarily theater, and I'm indie film, but we drew several parallels. We also talked about the frustration of being ashamed to perform or watch some of our material in front of our family. I understand the need for edgy material, but could somebody write a family-oriented indie film? Please? I may have to. He has some idea for shorts; I DEFINITELY have some ideas for short films. Hopefully, we can work together. I appreciate having peers that I can talk to about this crazy business. I just want to get better and continue to get better roles. I am also going to have to get focused and start writing my concepts and ideas out. I know Rod Pitts will assist me. It's just time to make it happen. Be easy, readers.

Just an Amusing Anecdote

My good friend Monty Hamilton sent me this interesting story:

I always thought 50 Cent was pretty hardcore until I found out he performed at Long Island defense contractor David H. Brooks' daughter's bat mitzvah.
For his estimated $500,000, I hear that 50 Cent performed only four or five songs - and badly - though he did manage to work in the lyric, "Go shorty, it's your bat miztvah, we gonna party like it's your bat mitzvah."
At one point, I'm told, one of Fitty's beefy bodyguards blocked shots of his boss performing and batted down the kids' cameras, shouting "No pictures! No pictures!" - even preventing Brooks' personal videographers and photographers from capturing 50 Cent's bat-miztvah moment.
It doesn't matter how many times you've been shot and how many gangster rap albums you've sold, because the second you perform at a little girl's bat mitzvah you're automatically a lame little sissy girl. 50 Cent could've strangled a bear with his bare hands, but from now on he'll forever be remembered as that pansy who performed at some rich girl's bat mitzvah.

Boy, he's really hardcore, isn't he? I will be glad when the day comes when people quit trying to be hard and start being their damn selves. Being your damn self is hard enough. Be easy, readers...and for God's sake, be real.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Gettin' Artsy

My good Buddy Bryan Newcomb (Just the Two of Us, Divine Manipulation of the Threads) had an art show to open last night. It was cool. My girl Denna Greer (What Goes Around) came through, and a few of his church members. He and the other members of GSA Photography will have their work on display until Christmas at MO's (Memphis Originals), a restaurant on Walker near the Tiger Bookstore. It's some good work. My man Bryan even has a picture of Ms. Arnita Williams (Other Side of the Pillow, Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast). I had almost forgot about that photo shoot at Bryan's house. I was the prop guy. Oh, where does the time go? It seems like it was July only four months ago...Oh, that's right, it was four months ago. Anyway, the picture looks great, he's got some nice shots from New Orleans, New York City, and other locations. Bryan is doing it! He does all kinds of photos. If you see him (probably filming me), talk to him. I'm proud of Bryan. He has come through for me on several occasions and he always encourages me. I appreciate it. I hope people buy all his work and he makes fat he can buy new equipment and we can make more films starring me! Just kidding...other people can be in the films, too. I kid, I kid, I joke, I joke! Just had to give props to my people. Hopefully, I'll film tonight or go to the Co-op. Be easy, readers.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Too Much Dressing: The Thanksgiving and Weekend Wrap-Up

My vacation started on Wednesday. I took an extra day off work. Hey, I've got plenty of vacation time, why the hell not? I chilled out, roamed around, and went to the Peabody Place. I saw these guys that were members of a larger group named Transit perform. They played three of my requests: John Mayer's "Your Body is a Wonderland", Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning", and Gavin Degraw's "I Don't Wanna Be". Yes, the hip-hopper listens to Top 40 Radio. Oh, the shame(not really). I then went to the Complex and saw the very talented Will Graves and Soul perform. They are very soulful and funky. Go to and see what he's about. He was backed by a singer named Carmen and a singing duo named Men-Nefer ( It was cool, but it was for Central High alumni. Needless to say, I felt a little out of place.

Thanksgiving: My brother and I rode out to my mama's house. Me and my mom argued (as usual), I chilled out for a few hours and ate some darn good food. Thanks, mama! The family was cool. My cousin Kaci's children have way too much energy, but I guess that's how most kids are. Friday, I rolled around, wasted time, and hung out at the mall. I've become a mallrat in my late 20s. I promise you, I went to the Oak Court Mall on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's not a pretty sight. And, I ALWAYS buy something!

Saturday: I could have gone to the U of M's last home football game; my man Paul Briggs had an extra ticket. No, I opted to go to a workshop about this one-minute short that Tommy "The future" Kha (Just the Two of Us) was directing. Tommy pulled me into the project. Adam C. and Ben Siler, two Media Co-Op regulars, assisted him. The workshop was cool. Bryan Newcomb and I went to see Ice Harvest. It was a good film, but man, the projectionist was smoking weed or something. At some point, heads were cut off. At other points, the top of the film was under the bottom. I know the Palace on Old Summer Road only costs three dollars from 5PM-6PM, but dang! And then, we thought it was back on track, but it wasn't, because I could see the boom mics in every scene. The film was down too far! I have blasted this establishment before, and I must do so again. I guess I will have to spend more money for better service.

I worked on John Fuess' film at around 10:30 AM. Bryan was there to record footage of me for my documentary, King Indie. We did a closing scene that showed different characters in the neighborhood. Once again, Bryan was an extra. He decided that his name was Billy Bob. My character was already named Willie. Carol Rowland (Dog Me Potluck, Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast) was the mailman, Ms. Carol. I think I might have ticked her off a little bit when I said something like, "I don't have any flubs. I'm always perfect." I was just playing. I'm not that arrogant. Okay, maybe I am, but I said it for laughs. Better luck next time. After that, this guy named Patrick beat me in a fake game of chess. I don't know the first thing about chess. It's movie magic, people. After that, I did my voiceovers. John Fuess said I was talking too fast and easing into my radio voice. My character has voiceovers that open and close the film. I hope I did a good job. John also let me see some of my footage. You hear that, Keenon Nikita? He let me SEE footage. If only every director was so nice. I think the last scene will be shot on Friday at a club on Cooper named Dish. We MAY have a wrap party afterwards. That has yet to be determined. I drove around afterwards, wasted time, hit the mall (again), Burlington Coat Factory and TJ Maxx(again), and eventually wound up at Adam C's house to shoot the one minute short. Shout out to Tommy "The Future" Kha, Adam C., Ben Siler, and my fellow cast members Chuck and a very nice female whose name I have forgotten. I am so sorry. Please don't hate me. I then ended my evening at my boy Shomari's house watching a WWE pay-per-view. Gotta love wrestling. Today, I will support my good buddy Bryan at his artshow. It can't always be about me. 80% of the time, maybe, but not always. Be easy, readers.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I Want Some Dressing, Darnit!!!!

I really want Thanksgiving to come soon. This is my last day of work this week. Loyal readers know that I don't own a computer, so this may be my last post for a minute. We didn't work on Keenon's film last night, but we should work on it tonight. I should also work on John Fuess' film this weekend. I should film another neighborhood scene and do my voiceover. My first voiceover! Go Markus! It's your berfday!!!! Okay, I'll calm down. I will try to relax between Wednesday and Saturday. Be easy, readers.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend Wrapup with your host, M.Sea

Okay, it is time once again for another infamous weekend wrapup. After getting off work Friday, I napped and then picked up my documentarian Bryan Newcomb (Just the Two of Us) and proceeded to the Visitors Center down by the river. That was the meeting place for this shoot of Divine Manipulation of the Threads. The GREAT Travis Stone (Ray, Just the Two of Us) was there, and director Arnold Edwards II (PA Pretender, Third Wheel Date) and his girlfriend Dayna Hinkel (Fayette County! What!) were helping out. Of course, Bevan Bell (Cowboy's Silver Lining, Delusions) was directing and he was accompanied by his lady, the fantastic Christine Connolly, who you may know from News Channel 3. Terry Dee Draper (Just the Two of Us) was also there. I was disappointed that my other "partner in thugging" Jovan Jackson (Just the Two of Us) couldn't make it, but I held it down for him. I don'twant to give anything away, but I am wrapped. I appreciated the experience, even though due to continuity, I had to wear a short-sleeved white tee. I didnt think about it until everybody kept asking me was I okay. Then I got cold. Shout out to Bevan, Christine, Howard Hodo, Jesse, Stone, Draper, Arnold, Dayna, and another fellow filmmaker whose name was Lisa that came through. This was my first Rusted Sun Films Production. I hope to also be a part of my AGENT Forrest Pruett's film Inherit the Earth, which will also be a Rusted Sun Film.

Saturday, my director on Just the Two of Us, Keenon Nikita and I went to a brunch at his mom's house. It was cool. I chilled with the family, Keenon and I beat his niece in a dance contest. His sister's boyfriend raps like me. We chilled and talked music. That was cool.
Then, we had a meeting about the company that Keenon is starting. I can't talk about that yet, but look out, world, we are coming out hard!!!! That was pretty much the end of my Saturday.

Sunday, I attempted to see Walk the Line, but it was sold out. I went to Bryan's house and shot some more for my documentary, King Indie. I decided to address the claims that I am an "acting whore" and the doubts that have been concerned about some of the projects that I am in. Let me give everybody a tip: NEVER doubt any project that I'm involved in. I give it my all, I work my butt off, and I bring it. Point blank. I do this for the love, and I do it for the freedom from my otherwise mundane existence. After that, I went to the Media Co-Op and watched Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices. Boy, was that shocking! Wal-Mart has some very questionable business practices. You need to see this movie. I'm not saying I'll never shop in Wal-Mart again, but I don't know. I also chatted with Morgan Fox, Mr. Media Co-Op, about the Sawed-Off Collaboratory short that they are doing with Brandon Hutchison. I also heard that they have approached the phenomenal Tiffany Pemberton. I worked with Brandon and Morgan on Dollars and Signs, and I have seen firsthand the beauty and excellence of Tiffany Pemberton's acting. I asked Morgan, "How can I be down?", and I gave him a card. I also talked to Tommy "The Future" Kha about his shorts and ideas. Tommy's a cool kid. I wish I was that focused at 17. I let him know that I would love to help him and be a part of his productions. His youthful energy gives me hope. Hopefully, I can get down with Tommy as well. Today, I should help out on Keenon's film. We are so close that we can taste it. Be easy, readers.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Upcoming Production Looking for Crew Members

A Communications Professor from the University of Memphis sent me this posting. I thought any actors or crew members who read my meager blog would benefit:

Gothic South Productions is seeking crew for a 35 mm short film
entitled "Recipe for Raising the Dead," about a young, distraught
housewife who goes to extreme measures to bring her recently
deceased husband back to life.

We'll be shooting in Memphis during the week of Jan 3-Jan 9, 2006

The style and tone of the piece is best described as "Tim Burton directs Desperate Housewives."

Crew positions include:

DP (Must have experience on 35 mm)


2nd AC

Production Designer



Sound Recordist

Boom Operator

Script Supervisor


production assistants

If interested, please contact Carter at

Back at It

Well, after my disappointment over my dialogue scenes getting cut out of Delusions, I was a little bummed. My cure for film-related rejection and disappointment is more film-related or acting activities. I went to Red West's class again last night. Of course, my AGENT Forrest Pruett (Delusions, Divine Manipulation) was there, as was the GREAT Travis Stone (Delusions, Just the Two of Us). Alexis Green (The Survivor) joined us for the first time. We got to act out a scene from Good Will Hunting. It was great. We yelled and cursed (Sorry, mom), and I had to push her up against a wall. It was cool. I held back, though. I don't want to really hurt anyone. Jon Sparks (Delusions, Slow Down) was also in attendance, as was Angela Williams (Just the Two of Us, Grim Sweeper). Two local directors also audited the class. My good buddy Arnold Edwards II (PA Pretender, Third Wheel Date) was there, along with his girlfriend and my fellow Fayette-Ware High graduate, Dayna Hinkel (Delusions, Divine Manipulation). The director of Delusions, Robert Saba, also graced us with his presence. Afterward, a small group of us went to Flashback's and performed karaoke. Forrest did some Queensryche and another song. Lina from class performed Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why", and another song. I performed Prince's "Raspberry Beret" and Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning". I had to cut out early because I had to be at work in the morning. I see that not only do I need a balance between acting and other aspects of my life, I also need a balance between having fun and hustling. Sometimes I get so caught up in the hustle and being seen, I forget to have fun. If I'm not getting paid, I BETTER enjoy myself. So, tonight, I should wrap my part on Bevan Bell's Divine Manipulation of the Threads. Travis will be there, as will Terry Draper (Just the Two of Us). Arnold and Dayna will be there to help out. That's cool. My film family's holding it down. Gotta love it.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Acting Obsession

I know it's not healthy, but I am truly obsessed with the acting game. I've blown off celebrations with friends, tried to leave family outings early, and generally put a lot of non-acting friends on hold until I get back to them. It's what I do. It's my dream. I view acting as the most beautiful women in my neoghborhood. She is beautiful, elusive, seductive, and a tease. She toys with me, flirts with me, is temperamental, and she gives me a false sense of security and lets me down. I love and despise it at the same time. I endure frustration, rejection, and heartache. I have endured it, and I would gladly endure it again. I am willing to endure a thousand rejections, disappointments, and failures for that one success. If I fall down 100 times, I will stand up 101. It's in me. It is my addiction. I can't let it go. I feel that I need to work harder. I want to try to return to that young, eager actor that didn't have a project out. I want to regain that hunger and determination. I gotta step it up. I want to apologize in advance to those who don't see me. Now, you really won't see me. I plan to finish up my commitments, take a little holiday break, and start the '06 off with renewed vigor. I'll get mine. Be easy, readers.

Blink and You'll Miss Me: My Delusions experience

I attended the screening of Delusions last night. It was cool. Muck Sticky, a funny, dirty, rapper, performed. My acting buddy Lavita (Just the Two of Us, Grim Sweeper) was there. So was John Fuess, the director of Mail Call/Detour/whatever the hell they plan to name our GREAT movie. The Rusted Sun Films crew was in attendance ( as well. The movie was good, darn good. I'm a little disappointed because my dialogue was cut. I'm not surprised, though. I could tell by the trailer that my humorous comments would not vibe with this dark, mature film. It still sucks, though. But, I am in the film, and that's better than not being in it. Arnita Williams (Other Side of the Pillow, Just the Two of Us) had a brief cameo in a photograph. She was supposed to be the dead wife of the GREAT Travis Stone (Ray, Just the Two of Us). All of the actors kicked butt. Sarah Ewell (Shutter, Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast), Tiffany Pemberton, Bevan Bell, Lauren Shepard, my AGENT Forrest Pruett, John B. Smith, Jen Morris, Chris Ross, Lee Mauney, Jon Sparks, and others. Big ups to my fellow extras Will Bennett, Arnold Edwards II, Dayna Hinkel, John Fuess, Mrs. Jon Sparks, and others. I also want to thank Robert Saba and Waheed Alqawasmi for the opportunity. I promise, I'm in the movie! I'm starting to feel like Big Bird on those early Sesame Street episodes with Snuffleuphagus, where nobody thought Snuffy was real. Okay, that was a weird reference! Anyway, good film, I wish them well, and hopefully, I can speak in the next 3Fi/WA films project.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Film Chat

Yesterday, we did not film (BOOO!), so I went to the Media Co-Op and participated in an open forum. Bevan Bell and Morgan Fox, two of our city's premier indie filmmakers, discussed filmmaking asthetics. Glen Ring (PA Pretender, Dollars and Signs) was also there. Al Lahiri (Third Wheel Date, Ants in an Ant Farm) was also there, along with John Fuess, who is directing me in Detours (formerly Mail Call). Very good information, nice writing tips, and I found out that Morgan has family members that don't like his movies. Kinda makes me feel better about my family members' reactions to my first movie. I asked Bevan if he knew whether or not my scene was in Delusions, but he couldn't remember. I guess I'll have to wait until today. The not knowing is bugging me, but it's the nature of the business. John Fuess also informed me that we have a wrap party next week. Of course, my last scenes and voiceovers will be completed AFTER the wrap party. That seems weird, but I guess they shouldn't hold up a party on my account. Hopefully, I am in Delusions. A lot of the Indie Memphis community is in this one, so it should be a cool party, anyway. The screening kicks off with two live bands at 5:00, then the actual movie is shown at 7:45. The screening is at the Complex, which is located on 704 Madison here in good ol' Memphis. If you're on the list (like me), free admission. If you're not, it costs $7.00. Please come out and support inedependent films. Robert Saba is an exciting young filmmaker with something to say. Whether I'm in it or not, the movie looks interesting. Be easy, readers.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Weekend Wrap-Up

On Friday, I didn't work. It was Veterans' Day. I went to the doctor for a checkup, and yours truly has now slimmed down to a great 245.5 pounds. Yeah, baby! Trying to get that leading man body! Denzel, watch out! We didn't film, I drove around, chatted with different people, went to Ruby Tuesdays alone. As soon as I came in, a young waiter asked me, "What are you doing eating alone? It's Friday night." Boy, as if I didn't feel awkward about it before. I should've gotten her number. Ah, well. After my solo dinner, I went to the movies and watched The Forty-Year Old Virgin. That movie was funny! Steve Carrell from Anchorman and the US version of The Office was the That man is hilarious!

Saturday, I auditioned for the movie Stirring directed by Paul Skidmore. The dialogue will be in Russian and Ukranian, so a lead role is out of the question, but maybe they'll give me a small role and I can memorize some Russian. I thanked them, and I told them that I hoped they could find a role for me, but if not, I wished them well. I meant that. The script is interesting, well, the portion I had to read was interesting. I wished them well. I got some good footage for my documentary, King Indie. Thanks to Bryan Newcomb for getting up early in the morning and filming me. Bryan, you are a pal indeed. I know we check each other a lot, but you're my dog, man. Later, Bryan and I joined Keenon at the Southbrook Mall in Whitehaven. We filmed inside the mall and filmed a fake commercial for the movie on the sidewalk. Ruth was great as Keenon's love interest, Camille. I held the mic. I also got a cool Emmitt Till shirt and a Frederick Douglass shirt from a vendor. Gotta have my unique t-shirts. It's an addiction..
Later on, we met at Keenon's house. Rod and Keenon edited. Keenon's daughter Ashley and I watched the Usher Tour DVD. The boy is talented, he can sing, he's got some nice dance moves, but he annoys me almost as much as that damn 50 Cent! After a while, I got tired and cut out.

Sunday, Bryan and I cruised the mall and flirted with cute clerks. Of course, I bought some t-shirts. We did not shoot, so Bryan and I chilled out with our friends and watched a wrestling pay-per-view. It was cool. I tried to talk up my projects, in particular King Indie. I would rather have been filming. Hopefully, we will film today. We are so close on Just the Two of Us, and my friend Rod Pitts is editing away on What Goes Around, so we should have something to show to the people real soon. Nikia Entertainment and Pittstop Productions should have some interesting things to show people. Just wait. Be easy, readers.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The No Filming Blues

Man, I still want to film! Fortuanately, I engaged in some karaoke last night. I went to the Bel Air Bar and Grill. It's a small little bar in Cordova. It was a predominantly country western crowd, so I performed Sweet Home Alabama by Lynrd Skynrd. Skynrd rules! I think the sight of an African-American man performing that song might have shocked some. It's cool. I like shocking people a little. Later, I performed Blaze of Glory by Jon Bon Jovi. I got a nice response. I learned that country music songs really tell interesting stories. The cigarette smoke was getting to be a bit much. Gotta be careful, what with my asthma and all. I am probably around way too many cigarettes, especially since I'm acting. I am at work and I don't want to be here. I am also thinking that it will be another evening of no shooting. At times like these, a few more female acquaintances would definitely come in handy. I may need to rebuild my social life during this down time. Or, write. That's a good idea! Oh, well, I guess I'll work on film again someday. Be easy, readers.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My 50 Cent Rant

Okay, nobody else ask me whether or not I am going to see that damn 50 Cent Movie Get Rich or Die Trying. Hell emphatically no is my answer. I am glad to see Terrence Howard (Hustle and Flow, Four Brothers) and Joy Bryant (Honey, Antwone Fisher) in a high-profile movie. I hope the film flops, though. I am sick of his thug bretheren and what they represent. Are those the only stories that we can show African-Americans in? Yes, I am playing a thug now, but it's a COMEDY. It's a farce. This 50 Cent is a charlatan, a fraud, he's not even a good rapper! He's not even the best rapper in his crew! He is a good actor, because my brothers and sisters buy into his hype. I declare from this day forth that the anti-thug movement will be made public. I declare that 50 Cent and those like him are the enemy. We are in a war over the minds of the youth. If I see 50 Cent today, this is what I would say to him, "God commands me to love you, but I despise your ways. I declare now that you are the enemy, and you represent everything I am against. I will not rest until you and all those who put out your poisonous, garbage music are wiped off the face of the earth." Anti-thug Nation, baby! Hopefully, I can drop my album Life As an Anti-thug next year and people can comprehend my meaning. Do not see that crap. Go see The Untold Story of Emmitt Till. Hell, rent Wedding Crashers! Do not see that waste of film. Support the anti-thug movement! Don't be hard, be yourself! Be easy, readers.

From Doing Too Much to Not Doing Enough

Man, I need to film something! The planned shoots for Monday and Tuesday on Keenon's film were canceled. I tend to get in trouble when I don't film. I had planned to go to Wet Willie's on Monday night, but me and a good friend of mine had a...dispute. Needless to say, I didn't want to be around him for a while, like...forever. Yesterday, I went to an open mic session at the Full Moon Club. I saw the gospel rapper who was there when we shot scenes for Keenon's movie. I learned his name is MC Sid and he's homeless. He says that he is trying to get a job at Perkin's. I pray that the gets it. I was supposed to do my poetry, but I felt that my relationship and social commentary pieces would not go over well. I wish him well. I hope we put that cat on the Just the Two of Us soundtrack. So, that evening was busted. Bryan and I went to Spin Street. Bought Sly and the Family Stone's "Fresh" and an old-school hip-hop compilation. I have a need to perform or do lighting or something. I may have to try this bar near my house for some good old-fashioned karaoke if we don't film tonight. Oh, yeah, if you have time, go to and check out the trailer for Delusions. I'm not in the trailer, but I shoud be in the movie...if I haven't been edited out. I hate not knowing. Whenever you're a featured extra or non-essential character, there's always the fear of being cut. Oh, well, can't do anything about it. Oh, yeah, go to and peep out the progress on Grim Sweeper. The super cool and talented Jon Sparks (Across the River, Just the Two of Us) is playing a preacher. I also believe that Learyn Dancy (Just the Two of Us, The Survivor) is in the film, as well as Aaron Jones (Third Wheel Date, PA Pretender) and Lavita Brooks (The Survivor, Just the Two of Us). I guess that's it. Hopefully, today will be more exciting. Woo hoo! Be easy, readers.

Monday, November 07, 2005

"Maybe I Should Slow Down": The Infamous Weekend Recap

Friday, I got off work early and Bryan and I rolled out to the courthouse on Adams to assist Keenon and Rod with Just the Two of Us. I am also shooting footage for my documentary, King Indie. It's an arrogant title, but hey, Bryan named it that. Blame him. I saw people shooting a commercial. So, naturally, I asked if they need extras. They turned out to be a company from Dallas, and they were shooting one of those law office commercials where they use the actual person. So, it was a bust. But, I got footage. Keenon and Rod pulled up in the middle of me filming that. Keenon forgot the clothes that Sharon Bishop needed to wear. Sharon plays Keenon's mother, and she flew in from out of town. I rolled back to Keenon's apartment. The downtown traffic was horrible, and then there was a train on Southern (what a shock). THEN I had to fight Keenon's dog once I got there. It was tough, but I fought my way past his evil, demonic dog, got the garment bag with Sharon's clothes, and drove back to Adams. Once there, I saw that we were filming with April Hale (The Survivor), the GREAT Michael Travis Stone (Delusions, Ray), and an old friend of mine from my days on WUMR 91.7, Terry "Dee" Draper III. He used to sub for me back on the U of M's jazz station. He says he's pursuing acting now, too. Bryan got footage of me in with the boom mic and talkling to Sharon.

Saturday, Bryan and I were on the set of Divine Manipulation of the Threads. Stone and Draper joined the cast of that movie too as two new fellow thugs. My resident thug homie, Jovan Jackson (Just the Two of Us), was there. My man came in the bulletproof vest. That joint was hot. Forrest Pruett also did a great job as Stone Free Joey. It was real cool. Forrest took pictures of me in my camouflage getup. If I knew how to post pictures, I would show them to you. Hopefully, he'll put the pictures on his journal. I had on a camouflage hat, camoufalge t-shirt, and camouflage Nike shoes. I was thugged out! Bryan also wound up being an extra. We shot more footage for King Indie. We didn't film on Keenon's film that night, so I went to an open-mic poetry set at the Marcus Garvey center on South Main and Lauderdale. I did my Huricane Katrina poem, "World Outside My Window", "My Pen", and a new poem that declares war on gangsta rappers and wack radio programmers entitled, "Shut the F Up". I plan on getting my poems copyrighted and publish a book of poetry. I hadn't performed at a spoken-word set in over three years. Felt good.

Sunday, Bryan, Keenon and I were at the GREAT Michael Travis Stone's apartment downtown to record the implosion of the Baptist Hospital. That was crazy, and smoky. My car was several blocks away, and it was still covered in dust. Then, I filmed a scene for Mail Call, the film produced by John Fuess and directed by Vineet Thapar. I had a funny scene where I try to sell a chess set to a guy. Bryan wound up being an extra in that film. I also shot more footage for King Indie. I then went home to finally rest. That evening, I watched The Untold Story of Emmitt Till. It is a great, powerful documentary showing at the Highland Quartet. Go see it.
I thank God for the experiences that I have had this year. Creatively, this is one of the greatest years of my life. I am living my dreams. It feels unreal. I pray that the new and exciting experiences continue.

Defending My Good Name

My good friend and writing partner, Damarico Fowler, has posted some cruel accusations about me on his website, Here are his accusations:

Some facts on Markus Seaberry: 1 is a closet fan of Cat Stevens 2. has a fetish for women who sing like Minnie Ripperton 3. sometimes wears Hello Kitty bodyspray for women 4. due to a breakdancing accident, has a permanent George Jefferson B4 grade limp

Okay, first of all, I only know one Cat Stevens song. Peace Train rules! Second of all, Minnie Ripperton was the truth! I wear Brut, not Hello Kitty bodyspray. Last, I limp because I'm so damn pimpish, baby!

Here are some facts about Damarico Fowler:
1. He has an autographed pair of legwarmers from Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical" music video.

2. Has a Cabbage Patch Kids collection in his basement

3. Sleeps with an official Mr. Rogers cardigan

4. Performs at barmitzvahs as a Jewish rapper, MC Verklempt

Deal with that, Fowler. Now everyone leave evil replies on

Friday, November 04, 2005

And Now, A Bit of Poetry

Check it out. This is a summation of my Indie Memphis experiences and my current state of mind.

I'm a star, baby, and it's time to shine.
M.Sea was all about them Dollars and Signs.
Gotta get the paper without compromising myself.
Had the bling-bling on, I couldn't help myself.
I was so cocky, I wanted them to watch me,
and maybe get some love from the paparazzi.
Hey, yo, I'm an actor first, ask Forrest Pruett.
But I'm in love with the arts, my devotion's the truest.
Give me a mic, camera, or stage, and I get to it,
But really, I wanna be the best to ever do it.
I did a good role, I was killin' it,
But my family and friends wasn't feelin' it.
I was humbled, and I felt alone,
Tempted to leave the game and go on home.
But Rod Pitts said I'm to good to give it up.
If I hadn't got so hype, things wouldn't be so tough.
Yeah, I took a loss at my first premiere.
But I'm still standing, baby, I'm still here.
I'm trying to be humble, but I'm loud and country,
I gotta be heard, the people gotta love me.
Last week's results were demoralizing,
But I came back, like a phoenix rising.
I appreciate the joy, pain, and the struggle,
One day, the whole world will respect my hustle.
I do this for the love, but I'd love a money stack,
Be advised, my swagger is back!

I can't leave the game, baby! I got too much unfinished business! King Indie has returned! And remember, when Markus Seaberry is in your production, it's not just a movie, it's a movement!

Be easy, readers.

Learning the Ropes

Last night, I went to Red West's class for the second time. My first scene was with my AGENT (I love saying that) Forrest Pruett. We did a scene from Boston Legal. Forrest was William Shatner's character, and I was James Spader's character. I don't normally play arrogant characters, but, surprisingly, I did okay. Draw your own conclusions. The great Michael Travis Stone was there, and Jon W. Sparks (Sparky). Sparky and Forrest did a scene from Just Cause. You should see the movie because it's good. I enjoyed the practice. I really haven't had any formal training since high school. I've been going on instinct. I can't rely on that forever, though. I will try to make it back to class when I'm not working on Keenon's film.

Speaking of Keenon's film, today we will take over a courtroom at the courthouse on Adams. Rod will be the Director of Photography, Keenon will be acting/directing, and I shall be holding the mic and doing lighting as needed. Microphone fiend, baby! Once again, we will be graced by the presence of the great Michael Travis Stone and the phenomenal April Hale. I am feeling good about this. We are in the home stretch on Just the Two of Us. I can't wait until it's finished. I'm leaving work early today to be a part of this great filmmaking.

Another item: I heard that the trailer for Robert Saba's film, Delusions, will be out today. I'm only in two scenes, so I doubt I made the trailer. I am still glad to be a part of the process. We have a cast and crew screening coming up soon. I, for one, hope there will be a public screening soon. Saturday, I will thug out with Jovan Jackson and others on Divine Manipulation of the Threads. Sunday, I will be filming on Mail Call. It's a little tiring, but I'm glad to be working. I also plan to shoot some scenes for my documentary. Be easy, readers.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I Declare War

My good friend, DaMarico Fowler, has decided to engage in a bit of blog warfare with me. He says that I correct his spelling and that I should shut the f up. Well, I say he needs to shut up and get some freaking spellcheck. Every so often, we engage in a lighthearted blog war in an effort to boost our readership. It's deliberate, it's cheesy, and we hope it works. Okay, here's my reply: Fowler has a Rainbow Brite collection. Now go over to and leave threatening messages.

Once again, this is all in fun. Fowler is one of the main inspirations for my humorous scripts and we should be cooking up something real soon.

Ooo, I Think They Like Me!

Actor and website guru Jon Sparks had already posted a link to my rambling soapbox of a blog some time ago. Yesterday, he mentioned my blog among others because I update regularly (Hey, I like being seen and heard on a regular basis). He gave this description:

the ruminations of a young actor starting small but with big aspirations

Did you read that? Ruminations? Big aspirations? Yeah, that about covers it. Sparky should write summaries for movies. Yeah!!!!! I ruminate, baby!!!!! And I aspire!!!! I'm so cool!!

Okay, if I can be serious for a moment...the weekend is looking real crazy. Tomorrow, on Keenon Nikita's great work Just the Two of Us, we have this courthouse scene. We should be at the Adams courthouse around 4 PM. I do believe that April Hale and Michael Travis Stone should be there. And I have shoots on Rusted Sun Film's Divine Manipulation of the Threads (peep the trailer at on Saturday, and scenes in Mail Call on Sunday at Young Avenue Deli. Ah, the actor's life is never done. Also, I am starting a project. Rod and Keenon have said that I need a reality show. Well, I am going one better. I am starting a documentary about my exploits and misadventures. Bryan Newcomb(Just the Two of Us, photographer for What Goes Around) is manning the camera. You can follow the ups and downs of a young man chasing a crazy dream. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder what kind of social life I have (it's very small). So, directors, if you see me and a short, Caucasian guy with a camera, we're not filming your movie. We'll just be filming scenes of me talking before and after filming, and hopefully a few scenes with cast and crew. Watch for it. Be easy, readers.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Getting Ready

Okay, last night we had a brief planning meeting concerning the home stretch of Keenon's film. I am feeling good about this project. We are getting close to the end. I cannot wait until this project is finished. A lot of Indie Memphis regulars are in the film: Me (because I rock), Arnita Williams (Other Side Of the Pillow, Slow Down), newcomer Lavita Brooks (Other Way Round, The Survivor), Elijah Walls (featured extra in Black Snake Moan), Learyn (Grim Sweeper), Jason Dancy (The Survivor), Jon Sparks (Crossing the River, Slow Down), Jen Morris (Slow Down, Third Wheel Date), Michael Travis Stone (Ray, Delusions), Michael McClendon (Slow Down, Shutter), Naseera Lewis (What Goes Around, extra in Black Snake Moan), Vincent Moore (The Poor and the Hungry, extra in Black Snake Moan), John Still (Hustle and Flow, Shutter), and as extras Jovan Jackson (Divine Manipulation of the Threads) and Lauryn Shepard (Divine Manipulation, Mail Call). That is a heck of lot of Memphis talent. I probably forgot somebody. The premiere and after party, when they take place, will be tight! I won't say anymore, but just you wait....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Fun

I did NOT go trick or treating. C'mon, I'm a full grown man. Plus, the Miami Vice costume at Target was too expensive. Anyway, we did not film. Keenon and his daughter had some Halloween partying to attend to. I decided to hang out with my good buddy Mario Lindsey. He is an extra in The Importance of Being Russell, directed by John Pickle, hopefully coming out early 2006. Mario and I went downtown. I actually met a woman who majored in Communications (my major, what!) and minored in Theater. I gave her my card. She's certainly attractive enough. I hope she can act, as well. We went to Wet Willie's on Beale Street for Karaoke Night. I performed Kanye West's "Through the Wire". Hey, I wanted to warm up with a rap. I also performed Anthony Hamilton's "Comin' From Where I'm From", Mario and I performed Da Brat's "Funkdafied", and I ended my performances with a rousing rendition of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". That is THE ultimate karaoke song. It was cool. Hopefully, we'll shoot tomorrow. This weekend is looking crazy. I should work on John Fuess' film, Mail Call, possibly Divine Manipulation of the Threads, and audition for this movie called Stirring. It requires you to learn Russian or Ukranian. Hey, I'll study for my craft. This could be interesting. Be easy, readers. Peace.