Saturday, July 30, 2005

My first screening

Well, I had begged to get up in the screening of Dollars and Signs. It was an advance screening. When I got there, the Cowboy Up productions crew was cleaning up. Arnold Edwards II, Jarrod Wilson, Tommy Kha, and Dayna (Fayette County! What!). We chilled for a minute. My good buddy Ennis aka Fathom 9 aka the dopest rapper/producer in the Mid-South area came out. He's doing music in the movie. The movie basically concerns two guys who get paid to protest certain causes. They get dollars for holding up signs. Brandon Hutchison, producer and writer, is one creative cat. They catch the attention of a Carlton, who owns CarlMart. He tries to hire them so they won't bother his operation. This leads to conflict between the friends and conflict between the friends and CarlMart. I play Protester #2. I shot an extra scene recently. In the scene, I go off on CarlMart. I am very disgruntled. I use profanity. Of course, my scene got the biggest laugh. My second scene has been cut up some, so my key profane statement in there is almost lost. It's cool, though. Everybody was complimentary, and for once, my head did not swell. I was very appreciative. I also networked with a friend of Ennis' and members of Tunnel Clones. The Tunnel Clones have a song in the movie. Ennis had several beats in the movie. He is billed as the main music person. I also loved the cameo by Ennis' crew, Iron Mic Coaliton, in the movie. Those are my favorite local artists, and we're cool. Ennis would tap me when one of his beats was being used. I am just so happy. This was a showing to gauge opinion. The movie is incomplete. I still consider it my first screening. I am glad that I came and I cannot wait for the official showing. If you are down with me, you will be invited. I hope that you can afford the $5.oo charge, though. Be easy.

A View At the Movies: Hustle and Flow

Let me preface this by saying that I did not want to like Hustle and Flow. I feel that Terrence Howard's accent as D.Jay was too thick. I also feel that the film will make us look like country bumpkins. I also have a problem with the misconception that the only current music coming out of Memphis is "crunk" music. My friends and I do different stuff. These are the reservations that I had in my mind before entering the theater.
Okay, let's begin: Terrence Howard is D.Jay, a struggling pimp. Taryn Manning plays his main street walker. Paula Jai Parker plays his strip club girl. In Memphis, these clubs are known as the shake joint. Taraji P. Henson plays his other girl who is now pregnant. D.Jay has a chance encounter with a bum who sells him a Casio keyboard for some narcotics. He begins to play with the keyboard and reawakens his musical aspirations. He gets reeunited with a high school friend, Key (Anthony Anderson), who then introduces him to an up and coming weedhead producer (DJ Qualls). They begin to hustle on equipment and work on D.Jay's demo. Taraji P. Henson's character sings the hook on several songs, including "It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp". D.Jay's big gamble is predicated on a meeting with Skinny Black (played by Ludacris) at a Arnel's. Isaac Hayes plays the club owner who believes in D.Jay's dream, and his primo weed supply. The outcome of this meeting shapes his life in positive and negative ways. Was that ominous enough without giving away the actual ending? I certainly hope so.
I enjoyed the story. The theory voiced by Shelby that everybody has the right to contribute a verse really spoke to me. It is a theory that I share as well. I also know about trying to achieve dreams late in life like D.Jay's character. I myself decided to pursue acting in my late 20s. Terrence Howard's passion and intensity result in a very riveting performance. You don't agree with everything D.Jay does, but yet you hope that he pulls it off. I also liked the subtle nods to Memphis and blaxploitation. The old-school font that they use for the title screamed 70s. I also liked the usage of "I Choose You", which is from the seminal 70s pimp film The Mack. They also played Al Green's "Jesus Is Waiting". The local Memphis cameos were also cool. Josey Scott of the Memphis rock band Saliva plays D.Jay's weed man. Veteran actor John Still plays a music store owner who has an...interesting encounter with Taryn Manning. The cameo that got me the most was Christopher "Free Sol" Anderson of the group Free Sol, who is drying his hands in the bathroom during the final club scene. Hot 107.1 DJ Michael "Boogaloo" Boyer also has an interesting encounter with Manning's character. You also hear the voice of local broadcaster and former kiddie show host Dennis Phillipi. Longtime Memphians remember when he hosted cartoons on Channel 24 as Joe Cool. Drector Craig Brewer used a lot of subtle pieces of imagery that local Memphians would catch. I guess these are an acknowledgement of the hometown flavor that is evident in our beloved Bluff City.
In closing, while I do still feel that there is more to my city than pimps and hos, and while I long for the day that my friends in Tunnel Clones and the Iron Mic Coaliton get the same hometown love as Three Six Mafia, the film is an interesting tale of trying to rise above your environment and live your dreams. Dream big. Go hard. Try to make it happen. But try not to "Whoop That Trick" if you can avoid it. I give Hustle and Flow 3.5 Cadillacs. It is a very narrow view of Memphis, but it is still entertaining. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, shout out to Elise Neal for her role as Anthony Anderson's hardworking and devoted wife. She shines with minimal screentime. Hustle and Flow should be in most Memphian's DVD collection soon, if only for the geographical references. Be easy.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Gotta Chill Out

I have really been bugging. I found out that one of the directors on a film I was working on was having a private screning. I called him once while in Nashville and once on Tuesday trying to see if I could come and possibly invite some people. He said that he'd rather I didn't invite anyone, and he'd rather that I waited. I bugged out, and kinda argued my way into this special showing. My friends Nick, Denna, and Paul put me on blast. They said I was being pushy and I need to be patient. I argued that I've been working and I've been patient. They said I have to keep being patient. They said that I could damage my reputation around Memphis. I called my boy Ennis, he said I was being bratty. I called the guy on Wednesday, apologized, and said that I would not show up. He called me today, said he appreciated my call, and said that it was up to me. Then, I almost shot off again. I had received a copy of the 48 Hour Film Project movie. I was about to send it to everybody I knew. Fortunately, the homegirl Arnita (Westwoood!) called to remind me about a shoot on Thursday. I told her that I was about to send this to everybody. She said, "Do you think that Arnold wants to put it in other festivals?" I said, "Hey, good point." I then called Jarrod, who returned my call the next day. He said that, for now, send it to close family and friends. I knocked my list down to about thirteen people. Mom, Big Bro, Denna, Paul, Nick, Rod, etc. Some have complained of no sound. If more complain, I will look into that. The main point is, my obsession is out of control. I am losing myself, and when I lose myself, I become selfish and arrogant. I have to get back in church and make sure that I do at least one non-filmmaking activity a week. Like, going to the movies, museums, concerts, something. I need balance. Thank God for my friends, though. They will tell me when I'm tripping. It hurts, but I appreciate that, though. Be easy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

48 Hour Film Project

After the arguments of my last post, we convened for the 48 Hour Film Project. On Friday, a small contingent went to the kickoff site. We were given our genre, which was the spy genre. Our prop was bananas. One character had to be named B. Spicer and she had to be an addiction counselor. We also had to use the phrase, "Put up or shut up." We eventually decided to do a film about a spy from a rival 48 hour film project attempting to sabotage our project. It was crazy. Our movie was entitled P.A. Pretender. Our movie within the movie was entitled Stop the Dresses. In that movie, I had to play a.....okay.....I can say this....crossdressing sex addict. I wore a dress and a wig, but no makeup, and no shoes. Thank God, they could not find ladies shoes in my size. I protested a lot, and so did Aaron, but we eventually gave in. It didn't kill me. I really bonded with these people. Arnold Edwards II is a good director. Jarrod Wilson is great technically Krista is so young and so driven. I am envious. Tiffany Pemberton is a phenomenal actor. Jason Bishop is a great artistic director and actor. Ashley is a great actor. Rick Schomer is a great filmmaker. K. Watson, you did great camera work and your attention for detail was on point. Aaron Jones, you are a funny dude. Your Pimp My Ride improvisations were crazy. We have got to work together more. You and I could be like Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, man. Dayna, you are from Fayette County like me and you studied drama under Mrs. Cross. We are officially cool now. I hope to see you again in "Like a week" (private joke). Tommy, you are a great editor. You rock. Paul and Kristin, you were funny and good actors. To the Cowboy Up people, to the Pizza Cologne people, to everybody, man, I thouroughly enjoyed myself, we kicked major butt, and we have got to finish Third Wheel Date. And, since the 48 Hour Film Project is in Memphis next year, in the words of the Staple Singers, "Let's Do It Again". For the uneducated, rent the movie of the same name starring Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier. I finally have a finished project!!!!! Yes!!!!!! Thank You GOD!!!!!!! Okay, I'm done. Be easy, dear readers, be easy.

Miles to Go Before I Sleep

I decided to join the great people of Cowboy Up Productions and participate in the Nashville 48 Hour Film Contest. On the way up there, I rode with a guy named Jarrod Wilson and this young up and coming filmmaker named Krista. She's 17, but she's real good. We got into a crazy conversation about race. It showed me how polarized I am by race. We argued over what "fit the description" means. It was wild. We also argued religion. It was crazy. Jarrod also got on me because I wear Nikes. It was a wild and crazy conversation, but once it ended, I felt better about it. I also felt closer to them. I realized that I am very closed-minded and I am an extremist; I also realize that I still have a long way to go. Just when I think that I am finally becoming comfortable with me, I realize that I am probably far off the mark. But I guess exploration will be the fun part of the journey. Pray for me. I am trying to grow. I am thankful for the insight. Be easy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's the Weekend Recap, Baby!!! Part Dos

I was supposed to finish this yesterday, but I didn't. So sue me!!! On Sunday, Bryan and I played mentally challenged patients in Keenon's film. Angela came through. Latoya, who came to the meeting, also came through. I found out Latoya plays in a rock band. How cool is that? I also built with LaVita who is into all types of music. I had to do some sound work, but not a lot. I was vibing and chilling with everybody. You know, that's the way I do. I am the epitome of a people person. It's cool, though. Bryan said I looked like Steve Urkel on steroids. I came in with my pants hitched up and my shirt buttoned unevenly. I came in pimpin' after I changed into that outfits. I didn't say anything, but I stuck my tongue out a lot. I beat some toy bowling pins and played with a dinosaur. Everybody got into it. It was really neat! After that, I chilled out at Bryan's while he took pictures of the homegirl Arnita (Westwooood!) She took pictures in the dresses she modeled before she had to give them back. She wore the green one again. The drawstrangs!! I was the prop man and scene setter. I also sang some Luther to set the mood. After she left, Bryan and I went over our boy Shomari's house to watch some wrestling. I ate a lot of chicken wings. A lot. After that, we rolled home. A good weekend. I will be in Nashville this coming weekend. The adventures will continue. Be easy.

Monday, July 18, 2005

It's the Weekend Recap, Baby!!! Part 1

On Saturday, while at work, the homegirl Arnita (Westwoood!) invited me to a fashion show at her church. It was cool. I dragged my boy Bryan along and he took pictures. He charged them fifty cents a photo. I also met Arnita's parents and saw her family. Cool people. Arnita was great at modeling. She had this green dress with drawstrings in the back. Look at your neighbor and say "Drawstrangs!" I'm sorry, for the literate, that's drawstrings. Drawstrings on sexy dresses rock. After that, I went to a poetry/hip-hop show at Precious Cargo. It was real nice. There were spoken-word poets there. One group, Brotha's Keepa, came with a political song and got the crowd hyped. They were followed by the Mid-South Click, who kinda came on a more street level. It kinda clashed with the previous Black Nationalist leanings of the previous performers. Also, the power went out three times. It always came back on, though. Later, my boys in the Iron Mic Coalition rocked it. Jason Harris did "Size 13s". It's a song about his car. He has regular size 13 rims on his car, nothing flashy. He then did the remix over Mike Jones' "Still Tippin". Then he said, "After I ride, I get hungry". This segued into "Eat Some Chicken" by Fight Club. The whole crowd got hype off that. One dude was tipsy and was dancing the whole night. I confess, I was on the floor, too. Then, Black CaviT performed. They are a poetry/hip-hop group. They rocked it. I told a member that they have got to put out a record. The night ended with everybody freestyling while one of our elders played the drums. I even got on the mic. It was choppy, but so what!!! I don't care!!! Be on the lookout for that M.Sea album. I am developing every day. Watch for it. It was good to vibe abd get reacquainted with people that I hadn't seen in a while. Shout out to Brotha's Keepa, IMC, Black CaviT, Powah, and the true artists in my city. Hustle and Flow is only half the story. That's not the sum total of current Memphis poetry and hip-hop. Go to Precious Cargo. Go to the Hi-Tone or the Complex. Support real artists in this city, people!! Okay, end of sopabox. Stay tuned for the Sunday recap. It gets better! Be easy.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Auditions and Rehearsals

Yesterday I had an audition for this cool movie where a grim reaper tries to help a newly dead soul safely cross over to the other side. He has to defend him from a Soul Eater. I read for the Grim Reaper, the newly dead soul, and the Soul Eater. The Soul Eater character was so hardcore! I would love to do something like that. I don't want to be a one-trick pony. Look, here's the goofy man! I made some good contacts. I ran into Angela from Third Wheel Date, a film we were both in. We exchanged information. I met this guy who's been to Hollywood. He said that he'd give his info to my manager. I hope to hook up with him in Nashville next week. I'm doing this 48-hour film project. I hope to find time to slip away and meet with him and his manager. Gotta keep hustling. After that, in the same Theatre and Communication Arts Building, I had a meeting concerning Keenon's film. I will play a mentally challenged person. I watched Rain Man and Sling Blade for research. I have to shave. Oh, how I miss my fly goatee! I feel like my mojo is gone. I also have to wear khakis and a tight shirt. The things I do for cinema. Of course, M.Sea would be fly in plaid, baby! Don't doubt me!!!!! I know Arnita(Westwooood!) will give me a hard time, but it's cool, though. I have no movie stuff today. i do believe it's time to support my good friends the Iron Mic Coalition. They will be in concert along with some poetry cats at good ol' Precious Cargo. Time to party!! I have been acting in movies, but now I must take on the role of party animal. Peace.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Overdue Props

Okay, my coworkers Robert Taylor and Serbrina Richmond notice that I mention most of the people I hang with on my blog. I rarely mention coworkers or my place of employment. I STILL won't mention my place of employment. I have to have some secrets. But I will mention them. Robert Taylor is a hardworking family man who is a member of Phi Beta Sigma. He 's a very personable, down to earth dude. He is cocky without being offensive, a feat which I am trying to duplicate. He always finds time to listen to my drama, he tells me what he feels, and he doesn't hold back. Sometimes I'm offended, but I appreciate that. He calls me his Little Brother. I consider him my Big Brother. Lately the topic has been women. Robert tells me his views, whether I agree or not. I appreciate realness wherever I can find it. So Robert, big bro, here's to you.
Serbrina Richmond is my Big Sister. She is a loving mother of two and a devoted husband. She is kind, sweet, thoughtful, and very caring. We clicked almost instantly. She also gives me advice and instructs me on things from a woman's point of view. We also like all kinds of music. I love it when she brings the karaoke machine. We cut up!!!! Our rendition of "Don't Look Any Further" rocks! I am very grateful for her presence in my life.
Let me just say thank you to all my coworkers: Cedric Gordon, Dean Friedrich, Daryl Daniels, Glinda King, Gilda, Reta Smith-Terry, J.C. Yepez, Pat Taylor, Barbara Dixon, Dorothy Dukes, and the faculty, staff, and students of this institution. They help make the journey bearable. It's frustrating not being able to do what you love for a living, but with these people around, it doesn't seem so bad. So here's to you, my coworkers. You are my support system, my friends, and encouragers. Some of you listen to my poetry, impressions, characters, and you inspire me. You also let me know when I'm slipping. I love and appreciate you all for that. I pray that I will not be a disappointment and that our bond remains strong, no matter where life takes us. Be easy, peace.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Too much fun at 2 in the morning

I came to Precious Cargo late. Rod, Domino, and Pat were already there. They had filmed. It was cool, but I got a little defensive when they started talking about me being really funny. I keep trying to tell people that I can do the serious roles. I can be the bad guy. Perhaps, I protested too much. We still tripped out, though. Then, Pat, Rod and I went to the Music building to do some ADR work. That's basically voiceovers for a movie. We will not make the July 15 deadline. I am disappointed, Rod's disappointed. It has always been hard to gather people on this movie. Hopefully, Spin Cycle will be better. We went over Domino's house. We couldn't shoot the scene, though. Rod still shot us bullcrapping and taking shots at each other. Domino's crazy. He thinks I'm crazy, too. His philosophies, particularly on women, are brutally honest, yet understandable. Pat gives me hell because I'm a little sensitive, but he's a cool brother. I've built with these cats and it has been more than just movies. So, a blog shut out to Rod, Pat, and Domino. I've known Rod ten years, so I know we'll be cool. Pat and Domino, I appreciate the advice. Hopefully, we can all live out our dreams. Peace.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sleep is Overrated

Still more crazy days. I went downtown Monday night. Rod and Keenon wrapped up filming on their project for that night. Rod and I tried to film something, but people didn't come through. He wound up making my headshots for me. Then, we began the odyssey of finding a 24-hour Kinko's. I dropped him off, made it home late, woke up about 9AM. Last night, went home, went to sleep about midnight. Woke up at 7 Am, was at Rod's place by 9:30 Am. We shot scenes with Pat, our lead person. Pat's a cool dude. He's a tailor and he's very busy with alterations. I had to leave and get to work today. Tonight, we'll be at it again. We have a few days to make that July 15 deadline. I pray that we are successful. Gotta stay focused and get into work mode now. Boy, multitasking's a beast!!!! But I love cinema!!! Plus, I'm not a quitter. And, I have a few doubters to prove wrong. Indie Memphis Film Festival, here we come. Be easy.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Cinematic Obsession

I admit it; I've become obsessed with cinema. I can't stop being on sets. Friday, Rod, Bryan, and I hooked up with Keenon and Arnita (Westwooood!) and the other actors at the courthouse on Adams. It was a great day of shooting, even though I had to hold the mic. I joked around and chilled inbetween takes. Saturday, they flew solo. Bryan and I came to the last shoot on the riverfront. The battery on the camera ran out, and this was a bust. Sunday, Rod and I tried to shoot on his movie. Tatiana didn't come into town, Domino and Teflon couldn't shoot, and Patrick had stuff to do. We shot cutaways at Hephzibah's and made it look as if we changed the tire on my car. Not a complete waste, but not enough. July 15 is breathing down our necks. I also hooked back up with Brandon Hutchison. I shot another scene for his movie. He said that he hasn't decided whether or not to show it in the Indie Memphis Film Festival. He does plan to screen it at the end of the month. Tonight, after getting off at 10PM, Rod and I should be shooting. It is truly an eternal hustle. I'm tired, but I'm having the time of my life. My apologies to all the friends that I have lost touch with. My apologies for appearing arrogant and condescending. I don't like being questioned or doubted. That brings out the ugly side of me. I also met with a guy concerning a part in a horror movie at Starbuck's on Sunday. Hope I get it. Of course, I'll die in the film. I'm Black, so I'll probably die early. It'll be a good experience if I get it, though. Sleep is overrated. In the words of Ali, "Rumble, young man, rumble!" Be easy.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Forget Gravity

Check this out. I think that too many times we as humans get in the way of ourselves. We are our own obstacle and our own excuse. Once you get out of your way and stop holding yourself back, the possiblities are endless. I have a goofy pop culture example to illustrate my point. I remember a Loony Tunes cartoon where Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd were kids. Fudd is chasing Bugs, and he runs off a cliff and keeps walking on air. He had not learned about gravity in school yet. A few scenes later, he runs off the cliff and falls. They had finally learned gravity in school. This is a metaphor for life. When you were a little kid, what did you want to be? Superhero? Ballerina? Cowboy? Superhero? Amway Product salesman? Just kidding. The possibilities were endless because no one placed limitations on you. You didn't know that cowboys only worked in certain parts of the country or that superheroes weren't real (SSSHHH! Don't tell my friends at the comic book store. It'll crush them). As you get older, the limitaions get placed on you. You're too old to be a ballerina or a world class gymnast. You're too young to be President. You're just not good enough to be a champion athlete. The dreams fade and reality weighs us all down. Reality hurts. It also bites (couldn't resist). People succumb to reality and give up on their dreams. My own mama probably still dreams of opening a daycare center. It's been a dream of hers since I was little. Lord willing, I will help her accomplish that before she leaves this earth. I have chosen not totally accept reality or conventional wisdom. I have begun an independent film career. I have also begun to write poetry again. And, don't laugh, some hip-hop songs. Geeks can rap, too! I know that there is a possibility that I may never become famous. I try not to think about it, though. My boy Rod told me that even at 75, if he never became a famous director, he'd still be sneaking around the city, filming when he could. Maybe I'm Peter Pan, but if growing up means settling for a mundane life, I'll remain a lost boy. I would love to get paid, but right now I love the creative process, the thrill of creating something from scratch, whether poetry, rap, or a character. I do these things for the love and I pray that the money will follow. I now listen to the creative voice in my head...even when it wakes me up at 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning. Hey, I have to keep creating. I'm obsessed with it now. I was antsy and restless at my family reunion because I wanted to be creating something. I also have to admit, I'm a bit of a ham. I love the accolades and applause and making people laugh. I am an entertainer. Markus the Entertainer...okay, that one's taken. Maybe Markus the Party Starter! Okay, I'll work on it. The point is that I am in a good creative space and even when I'm frustrated, I feel so alive. God and the arts are the only things that currently take me on a natural high (Hugs not drugs, kids). In closing, listen to your voice, make allowances for your passion, lose a little sleep but don't get delirious, get out of your way, and above all else, FORGET GRAVITY. I mean, in the metaphorical sense. Don't go jumping off buildings or anything. Be easy, dear readers. Be easy, but be adventurous!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Family reunitings Part Deux; Director's Cut (Includes Extended July 4 Recap)

On Saturday after work, I had lunch with my boy Ken. My partners Ennis and Kevin Youngblood were dining at Perkins and joined us. We chopped it up for a minute, ya know. After that, I went and got a haircut. You know I gotta stay fresh to def! Then, I went to the Oak Court Mall and got my t-shirt game on. I got a Nike joint, a Beastie Boys, then a Billy Holiday and a John Coltrane. My t-shirt game is tight!!!! What!!! Okay, I'll calm down. Then, I rolled by this Breaking the Cage concert. They're doing the music for Third Wheel Date, a movie that I am working on. I just came to give this guy named Will his security items back. Oh, how I miss that billy club, flashlight, and handcuffs. I felt so gangsta!!!!! We chopped it up for a minute, then I saw this play called The Question of Color. It concerned an interracial marriage back in frontier times. It starred the lovely and talented Krissi Cain, who will be in the next Pittstop Production. That's my boy Rod's production company. I showed up to see a good play and to be the PR person. I assured her that we will work with her. It's just that we're working on two different movies at the same time. I kept it moving. Sunday, I went to Family Reunion Church Service. Later on, the family reconvened over one of my uncle's houses. It was cool, but I felt restless and out of place. I'm a little obsessed now. It's like I have to be creating something. Later on that night, Bryan and I went to this guy named Gerard's house party. It was cool, but we broke out by 1 AM. I built with this guy named Jerald about not letting stuff hold him back. He seemed to want to do creative things, but he also seemed to be his biggest obstacle. I told him to keep going and to "forget gravity". I will explain it in my next blog. I also built with Bryan's friend Paul who is living in LA and working as an actor and poet. He will be on Def Jam soon, but, alas, I have no HBO. I built with him on knowing when it's time to make the big move to LA. He said that you'll know, and the hardest thing is making the move. I also built about Hendrix, Prince, and Common, some very good artists. If you don't know who Common is, slap yourself, google, and run to your nearest record store and buy Be. We broke out the party, bought things for our cookout, and I must put Bryan on blog blast. He was a little buzzed, he was telling corny jokes, and he actually jumped in the air and clicked his heels. Monday, I made it to Bryan's around 2. Our boy Paul Briggs came through. The homegirl Arnita (Westwood!) came through for a minute. Also, Bryan's church members. Bryan's fan broke. I told the infamous they broke out my back window and put a pumpkin in the driver's seat story. I would elaborate, but that story will go in a screenplay somewhere. People started breaking out. I met up with Mario to record an audition tape for this radio spot. I was somewhere in Frazier. It fell through, but the guy made nice beats. I will try to get a beat CD for use in our next film. Believe you me, it was hot! Mario, myself, and his son Zion then went to Hooter's downtown, where his girlfriend worked. First time in Hooters; did not know they had a children's menu. The wind and rain were crazy last night. We broke out back to Mario's place and I revised my resume. It was raining bad and he asked me if I wanted to wait the rain out. I could not stay in Harbor Town any longer. I needed to go back to my side of town. I broke out, eventually headed back to Bryan's house. It was like Armageddon outside. Or Waterworld. I made it back to Bryan's. We built for a minute. He says that I don't need love. I say don't tell me that the mountain ain't crap when I've always been in the valley. He says I'm comic relief. I said that I have layers. He said that I was an orange. I said some things that I won't repeat here. Okay, let's recap:
Beastie Boys shirt: $5.46
Nike shirt: $5.46
Billy Holiday and Coltrane tees: $28.82
Gerard's party: 2 bags of ice
Building, hanging with my family, friends, the COG (Children of God) All-Stars, watching Hooters Girls in action, and the smile on Zion's face: priceless.

Ya'll be extra easy. Or over easy, whichever comes first. Oh, yeah, the Luther tribute is completed. Hopefully, it'll be coming out soon.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Family Reunitings Part Uno

Forgive me, faithful blog fans. My original purpose for this blog was to inspire myself to start writing in other areas. As I have begun to write more poems and lyrics, my attention to this blog has suffered. I know I have an obligation to the millions(okay, dozens) of M.Sea fans out there. So, I'm back like I left something! YEEEAAAAHHHH!
Okay, last night I went to my family's Get Acquainted Night. It was at a community center on Macon Road. It was a pretty cool affair. I decided to lose the formal attire and rock the King Day 2004 t-shirt, blue jeans and black Nikes. You gotta have blue jeans and black Nikes! They're wardrobe essentials! I had signed up to read a poem, but my name wasn't on the program. I sent Mama(who booked the gig) to investigate. I also had a pretend hissy fit about the poor sound and my name not being on the program-"What's my motivation?" Mama thought I was serious, though. When they finally called me, I was shaking. I introed myself. Then, I said, "I hope you like this poem. If you don't, clap anyway. Ya'll family! Make me feel good!" Some people got the joke. If this cold reception for my humor keeps up, I'm moving to France. After all, they think Jerry Lewis is a comic genius! I dusted off an old poem entitled "The Struggle". It had references to demons, black folks strugglin, Medgar Evers, Emmitt Till, Martin Luther the King, Malcolm Ten(X), and God. Of course, I won over all the old folks! I had to hold the paper and I don't memorize my poems...gotta keep all the trivial information like the words to Buck Roger's theme song in my head(they only played it on the first episode). My mom won something in the raffle. We got wooden backscratchers! When I first saw the backscratcher, my first thought was, "What, are we having stir-fry? My family coming up!" Mama laughed at that. It was a great evening of family fun(how corny was that sentence?). We had poetry, tap dancing, flipping....shoot, that cousin needs to be on Beale Street flipping for change tonight!! It was cool. Work is keeping me out of the festivities for today(sob, sniff, tear), but I will met up with fellow ATC (Anti-Thug Coalition) member Ken Hill today. Then, probably a haircut. Tonight, who knows? I'm single and ready to mingle! Peace! Ya'll be real easy.
PS RIP Luther Vandross I'm composing a tribute joint to him as we speak. Hopefully, it'll surface somewhere soon. Peace.