Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Karaoke Chronicles: 10/30/06


I went to Jordan's and I hung out with the owners (The Jordans), Candace, and Forrest Pruett (Curbside Confessions). I sang Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achy Breaky Heart"...I liked the song, leave me alone!!! Forrest then requested some Michael Jackson, so I hit the crowd off with some "Billy Jean". It rocked!!! Later, we got into a heated "Battle of the sexes" type discussion with Candace. Our honest, "male" answers hurt her feelings. Hey, we were just being honest. I still love ya, Candace!!! Not a bad end to the day.

Quick album plug: Old-school hip-hopper CL Smooth just dropped an album today entitled American Me. It is only $13.99 at Best Buy. For more info and to listen to some tracks, check out www.myspace.com/clsmoothmusic. Be easy, readers!!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Karaoke, Monsters, and Revolution: The End of the Week and Weekend Wrap-Up

I went to Jordan's for karaoke. I performed Can't Touch This by MC Hammer, with accompanying dance. I also performed Matchbox 20's "If You're Gone". My girls Candace, Jamie, Lala, and Dory were in the house, and we had a darn good time!!


My buddy Joe Smith (Almost Made) was bartending at Jordan's, and Forrest Pruett (Unholy Passion) and Christin Ackerman (Delusions) were in the Sports Bar. I hung out over there, but jumped over to the karaoke side for two quick songs: Lionel Richie's "All Night Long"and Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning". After Joe cleaned up, we went to the Stage Stop and chatted about acting and our theories, frustrations, and hopes. It was like Inside the Actors Studio: The Indie Version. And by indie I mean "normally not getting paid". Christin has been missing auditions, and I just haven't worked in two months. Two months in Markus time is like three years. It was nice to "talk shop" a little bit.


I got off work at 1 PM, got a haircut, went to the comic book store, and chilled out.


Got off work at 1 PM, went home, napped, then I woke up around 4 PM and went to a Halloween party at my boy Shomari's house. I was dressed as ?uestlove from the hip-hop band The Roots (www.myspace.com/theroots, www.myspace.com/questlove, www.okayplayer.com). That's right, people, they're a hip-hop BAND. They have a guy that raps and they play real instruments, for all you music snobs who feel that hip-hop isn't "real music". We watched Hostel and Saw II. Okay, here comes the rant: I don't care for horror movies. If I want death and blood and destruction, I have the local news, world news, CNN, and the good old world outside my front door. I like funny films, romantic comedies, dramas, cartoons, and my favorite, lovable underdog stories where the nerd gets the fine girl. As a matter of fact, I may write a movie called Nerd Gets Fine Girl. End of rant. Shout out to "Angry" Nick Jones, who brought the Hall of Justus CD that I had him order for me from Border's. Hall of Justus is a collective of MCs from North Carolina (www.myspace.com/thehallofjustusmusicgroup). I also bought the new John Legend CD (www.myspace.com/johnlegend). John Legend is a very soulful singer. Buy his CD.

After the gruesome bloodfest and good food, I bounced. I went to Jordan's and joined my friends like Jamie, Dory and her husband, and others. It was so packed, I only did one song. I decided to sing Michael Jackson's "Thriller". I also backed up my buddy Tony Owens on the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right to Party". It was cool.


I watched Step Up at the Bartlett 1o. Yeah, it was a dancing movie!!! It was happy, too!!! Leave me alone!!! I will probably have to buy it. It fits right in with my other cheesy dance movies (Breakin, Breakin II, Beat Street, etc.). I also ran into Recco, who is working on a documentary about the popular Memphis dance the Gangsta Walk. Go to www.gangstawalking.com. Afterwards, I rolled out to Peabody Place and hung out with my buddy Mario Lindsey. We went to Towers, and we also went to Hooters on Beale Street. Next, I went to the Hattiloo Theatre (www.hattilootheatre.org) for "Liberation Unplugged". Brotha's Keepa(www.myspace.com/jmalo) had a poetry concert. They were joined by Powwah Da Poet (www.myspace.com/powwahdapoet), Phucha (www.myspace.com/phucha1), and a rap group out of Atlanta, FTP (www.myspace.com/ftpforthepeople). They were very revolutionary and blunt, and although I didn't agree with everything said, I respect their right to their opinion.

Afterwards, I went to Jordan's, and I sang some karaoke. I performed "Kryptonite" by Three Doors Down, "Big Poppa" by Notorious BIG, "Lithium" by Nirvana, and "Raspberry Beret" by Prince. It was a small crowd. After that, I went back to da Dova (Cordova).

Well, that's been the last few days. I am a little antsy and itching to act again. "Let's Ride" is supposed to start filming in Memphis soon. It looks like it could be a paying gig. Be easy, readers.

PS Shout out to the St. Louis Cardinals for beating the Detroit Tigers in five games to take their first World Series title since 1982. I am happy for them, and for me as well, because now my shows will come back. Oh, House, Standoff, and Family Guy, how I've missed you.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Roasts, Parties, Birthdays and More: The Weekend and Some Change Wrap-Up


I returned to work after the Indie Memphis fun (BOOOOO!), went home, took a nap, dropped off my headshots with Kinkos, Let Keenon Nikita borrow my Kanye West "Late Registration" album and my Jay-Z concert DVD "Fade to Black" (I'm such a good friend), and retuned to Kinkos to get my headshots.

Later, I went to see The Grudge 2. Oh, how that movie sucked!!! But, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Amber Tamblyn are kinda hot, so I survived it. After that, I went to a goodbye roast for filmmaker/actor Bevan Bell (Delusions, Divine Manipulation of the Threads). The film community decided to get all our last jokes in at his expense before he joins his longtime girlfriend Christine Connolly (formerly of News 3) in San Francisco. I bought him the new Beck CD. He said he wanted it, so I got it. It was cool to see people I hadn't seen in a minute, like Dedrick Bullard (Eat), Tiffany Pemberton (Delusions), Dayna Hinkel (Delusions, Divine Manipulations), and filmmaker Arnold Edwards II (Curbside Confessions). Good luck, Bevan. God willing, we will work again. I appreciate your honesty and genuine enthusiasm. It is a rare commodity in this superficial field that we aspire to be a part of.


Went to work (GGGGRRRRR!), got off, ran some errands, took a quick nap, went to Casa Mexicano to celebrate up and coming producer Paul "P-Dub" West's birthday. My crew was there: Shomari Gant, Donovan, "Angry" Nick Jones, Shanika, Terra, Denna Greer (What Goes Around), and others. I gave Paul the Shaun of the Dead DVD. It was a movie that I had seen with him and his sweetie, Denna (They didn't mind the third wheel). We ate good Mexican food, shot the breeze, and kicked it. I cut out early to go to Arnold Edwards II's Halloween party. I came, I saw, I played corny Halloween-style Survivor games. Shout out to Dedrick Bullard for the Lex Luthor outfit, complete with a piece of Kryptonite. How's that for authenticity?! I also talked film and acting with Shaun Green and Bevan Bell, it was a cool event. I also wound up bobbing for a game piece in flour and came up looking like a coked-out Al Pacino in Scarface. I'll treasure the memories forever, hearts, stars, clovers, warm fuzzies, and all that.


Went to Jordan's for karaoke (of course). My first song was Soul For Real's "Every Little Thing I Do". They were a short-lived 90s R&B group. Google 'em!!! Next, the Bust Boy (a good friend of mine) and I tackled Dr. Dre and Eminem's "Forgot About Dre". Man, that song is fast!!!! Next, I tackled Busta Rhyme's "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See". Man, that song is fast!!!! I ended with Alicia Keys' "Diary". That song rocks!!!! Alicia is de troof!!!! (the truth)
Then, I went over my boy Shomari's house and watched a wrestling pay-per-view, Total Nonstop Action, or TNA. Shout out to born-again wrestler Sting for defeating Tennessee's own Jeff Jarrett and winning the NWA/TNA title. I've been a Sting fan since I was a youngun. Memories in the corner of my mind and all that. I returned to Jordan's and performed "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5.


I returned to Jordan's and sang two songs: Color Me Badd's "I Wanna Sex You Up" and New Kids on the Block's "Hanging Tough". Everybody wants to act like they're all mature and weren't bumping NKOTB and CMB back in the day. Don't be ashamed, in everyone's record collection, a little cheese must fall. I still own an MC Hammer CD. Yeah, I said it, I ain't ashamed....much. Shout out to Candace and her boyfriend, Mr. and Mrs. Jordan (the owners), Amy who ran karakoke (KJing, as they call it), and everybody else who let me get my 90s Caucasian singing groups fix.


On my dinner break, I went to Spin Street to support my boy Cayerio's album release party for his EP, Cornbread and Music. They actually had cornbread. It was crazy!!! Cayerio is a spiritual MC, meaning his lyrics are more God than green, more biblical than bling (hey, that rhymed!!!). I also got his last album, The Dirty South Detergent. Cornbread and Music is on sale now for $7.99 at Spin Street at the corner of Poplar and Highland, Memphis, Tennessee. Support positive music, people!!! Cayerio's myspace is www.myspace.com/cayerio.

Be easy, readers.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The King Indie "Repect My Fresh" Film Festival Tour: A Recap of the Past Weeks

October 13:

Rod and I arrive at the Indie Memphis Pre-Party Keenon Nikita (Just the Two of Us) and his daughter, Ashley greet us. I also met another African-American filmmaker. I don't recall his name, but I gave him a card. You know me, I just like to work. With no acting classes at my disposal due to my work schedule, I act like crazy to get better. I also ran into filmmaker Robert Saba, back in town to promote Delusions at Indie Memphis.

Later, we all went over to the Muvico Theatres and watched the opening night feature, Come Early Morning. It was directed by Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy, The Breakup) and starred Ashley Judd. Laura Prepon of That 70s Show and Stacy Keach of TV's Mike Hammer was also in it. Very cool, realistic movie. Check for it when it goes into wider release.

Afterwards, Rod and I went to a party at the home of Chris McCoy and Laura Hocking (www.myspace.com/oddlybuoyant), and I met Adam Remsen, who was in Eat and is working on a film for the Lil' Film Fest 4. The Lil' Film Fest is a shorts series that is quarterly, has a different theme each quarter, and the winner gets a cash prize and entry into Indie Memphis. He wants me to play a role. Of course, I said yes!!! The filmmakers want me!!! I'm the people's choice!!!! Also, Michael Donahue of the Commercial Appeal took a picture of Lavita Brooks (Katrina's Wake) and myself for an online article of some sort. Pictures are cool, as long as they're not candid.

October 14:

That evening, Rod and I went to the awards ceremony. Rod got Promising Filmmaker (YES!!!!), which also included an $800 Avid Editing Suite. Just the Two of Us got Best Narrative Feature Hometowner, and Keenon accepted that. Also, The Importance of Being Russell won the Ron G. Tibbett Award for Excellence in Filmmaking. You guessed it, I'm in all of these projects. It feels good to be in award-winning projects. Thank you God!!! Later, we watched some pics and briefly went to a party.

October 15:

Rod and Keenon picked up their prizes, Rod and I watch the Shorts Program 2, which includes his short that won the first Lil' Film Fest, Imagine. I play a Death-like character called "The Spectre" in that short. It also includes a brilliant short with David Straitharn called The Shovel, and Katrina's Wake, which starred my girl, Lavita Brooks (What Goes Around). It was about a family that was a victim of Hurricane Katrina. Very poignant and touching. Way to go, Vita!!!!

Later on, Rod and I watched The Departed, the new Martin Scorsese film starring Leo Dicaprio, Martin Sheen, Mark Wahlberg, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, and Anthony Anderson (The Shield, Barbershop, Two Can Play That Game). GREAT Movie!!!!

Rod and I also saw Eat, the Oddly Buoyant Productions film that was a sellout!!! People chuckled at my role as a Software Developer who hates his job. I'm happy/

October 16:

Rod and I watched Fraternity Massacre on Hell Island, Mark Jones' campy, schlocky horror film. Shout out to John Pickle (The Importance of Being Russell) and Sarah Ewell (Just the Two of Us) for very funny performances.

Later, Rod and I watched Jon Sparks' (www.jonwsparks.blogspot.com) documentary short, Memphis Muck. It was about a concert given by local bands Muck Sticky, Taco and Da Mofos, and El Dorado and the Ruckus. I had a cameo. It was neat. Afterwards, they showed Delusions, which had a lot of my fellow Memphis actors in it (including me as an extra). Good film, but it's very dirty. I always feel a need to bathe when I watch that film.

October 17:

This day was officially PSP/DDE day. For the uninformed, that's Pittstop Productions (www.pittstopproductions.com) and Dog Day Entertainment (www.myspace.com/dogdayentertainment). First, we watched Just the Two of Us. Shout out to my friend Wanda and her friend for seeing the movie. Shout out also to cast members Arnita Williams (www.arnitawilliams.com), Lavita Brooks (www.lavitabrooks.com), Travis Stone (www.travisstone.2ya.com), Trent Dee, and others.

After Keenon's Film, Rod's film, What Goes Around, also showed. I was in a bit of a tough situation because it aired at the same time as Grim Sweeper. I am an exta in that film. I decided to go with Rod's film because it is my first, some of my best work, and my parents came to see it. My character of the "Film Geek" was a hit!!! Afterwards, I saw that lead actor Patrick Henry, his wife Angela, their baby girl, and my homie poet/rapper Steve Fox were also there. My mom finally met Rod and a lot of my friends. That was real cool. It was a good night for my people Rod and Keenon. FYI, Keenon's film Just the Two of Us was also accepted into the African Diaspora Film Festival in New York (which we may attend), and the Oxford Film Festival in Mississippi. PSP/DDE are in the building!!!!

October 18:

I watched a horror film called Severance. It was a British indie film. It rocked!!! I hope it gets picked up for larger distribution. The premise involves a group of employees for a weapons company who go on a retreat to the woods. They wind up going to the wrong cabin, and get attacked by hunters. I don't even like horrors, but this film is on my short list of films that blew me away this year, along with Half Nelson and The Departed.

October 19:

Today was the last day of Indie Memphis, and the day that The Importance of Being Russell. This is a comedy about rednecks who wind up saving the world. I had a brief role as cranky convenience store clerk Bubba Dorido. It was funny, but the story was also very well-structured. I enjoyed it immensely, and I think the people did as well.

I was very proud of my individual accomplishment of being in 8 films (an Indie Memphis record), and the large anount of local films in this year's film festival. Local filmmakers, let's keep raising the bar. Be easy, readers.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Random Items and a Plea for Support

Item 1: Went to the Jordan's, sang karaoke. My buddy Joe Smith (Almost Made) was bartending. My girl Lina Fritsche (Unholy Passion) was singing KT Tunstall's "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" as I came in the door. I sang "Jack and Diane" by John Mellencamp, and "Anniversary" by Tony Toni Tone. I was a little pitchy and my voice was scratchy. Hey, I can't rock a crowd of thousands (okay, seven people) every night. Even the King has off days.

Item 2: Yesterday was Dick Gregory's birthday. Dick Gregory is a very funny comedian and activist. I've heard him speak and he is a very powerful speaker and a very straightforward individual. As far as I'm concerned, he's a national treasure.

Item 3: On the campus of my alma mater, the University of Memphis, a Caucasian student quit his fraternity because they gave him grief over dating an African-American female. What the hell?! This is 2006, people!!! We are all pink on the inside. We all bleed blood, we laugh, we cry, feel, wish, hope, dream, sing 80s hair bands at the top of our lungs (okay, maybe, not that last one), etc. And if you're a Christian, uh, I hate to break it to you, but heaven is not segregated!!! In the immortal words of Larry Fishburne in School Daze, WAKE UP!!!

Item 4: I will now go into telethon mode and beg and plead for you all to see some films that I'm in. See said films below.

This Sunday, Oct. 15 in Theater 16:

I am involved in a short that is in a collection of shorts entitled Shorts Program #2

2:45 Shorts Program #2 Ad Man
The Rabbit League Must Prevail
The Shovel
Imagine (I am in this one): This short film focuses on a woman cursed by her dreams. Winner at the Lil' Film Festival I (Baptist Hospital Implosion), 2006
Director: Rod Pitts
Runtime: 5 minutes
Drinking Man
At Rope’s End
Katrina's Wake

Also on Sunday in Theater 18:

Eat (8:45 PM)

One day. Three restaurants. How many Wendy's there can be?

93 minutes

Tuesday, October 17, Theater 18:

6:15 PM Just the Two of Us

Nic find that he is the father of a two-month old infant, Ashley. Soon the mother fades, leaving him to raise the child alone. Never really having a close family, he doesn't miss a beat. Through everyday life together, Ashley and Nic lose sight of what is important-each other.
Director: Keenon Nikita, 110 minutes

8:45 What Goes Around

After the worrisome ways of his long-time girlfriend become too much to bear, a young man with commitment issues decides to welcome the advances of an attractive classmate only to discover that everything that glitters isn't gold.
Director: Rod Pitts, 110 minutes

Thursday, October 19, Theater 18:

6:45 PM The Importance of Being Russell

On the verge of his 10th wedding anniversary, Russell is mired in self-doubt. His inventions have yet to take off. Adding insult to injury, his wife Sissy buys similar items off the Cranium Concepts Best Bargain Network. Backed into a corner, Russell's only way out is to find his 'importance' and prove his worth. With a cryptic voice from the TV urging him to build a new invention, Russell solves the paradoxes of time travel and long distance telecommunications without roaming fees. His creation, the Time Machine Telephone, will revolutionize..everything. But is it the answer he is searching for?
Director: Sean Plemmons, 98 minutes

Countdown until Markus Seaberry's next screening: 2 days, people!!!

Support my films and Be easy, Readers!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My late-Night Screening

I arrived at MO's on Walker Avenue by 10:19 PM. Fortunately, the last film, Uri's Move, hadn't shown yet. I did miss Arnita Williams' film In an Instant. I hope to see Arnita's work in the future, as she is a PSP (Pittstop Productions) All-Star. Uri's Move dealt with a guy named Uri who was living a simple Midtown existence with his girlfriend, Chik, barely scraping by, when his brother, Wolfgang, arrives from Zurich to take him back and have him play a more active role in the family business. There's another cut of this film by the producer, John Fuess, called Mail Call. Uri's Move is by the director, Vineet Thapar. Vineet's version was shorter, but it was cool. Only one of my scenes survived the cutting room floor in Vineet's version, the opening scene where I look through the window of my van at Uri and you hear my thoughts. It was cool. My closing voiceover, and other scenes were cut, but, hey, it's the director's prerogative. I'm just glad I got some shine in the film. Shout out to Arnita Williams (In an Instant), her mom, Al Lahiri, Rod Pitts (www.pittstopproductions.com), and Kim Skipper (Imagine) for checking out the film. Shout out to my buddy Trevor, who I used to see at the hip-hop shows for supporting me as well. Trevor is a cameraman at Channel 5 and he wants to do a film. Of course, we exchanged info. I took another filmmaker, a Ms. Ingram, back to her house, and we spoke of her film ideas. I gave her my card, so hopefully, that will turn into something.

I am a little disappointed because I will not be able to be in John Fuess' next project, Blue Tail Fly. One of the main actors will only be in town this Saturday morning, and I have to work. That sucks!!! Man, it's tough trying to balance the day job and the dream, but I'll keep hustling. I haven't filmed in a minute, so I'm getting restless. Any filmmakers reading this blog that need people for your projects, holla at me. I dislike being stagnant. After all the basking and reflecting that will take place next week at Indie Memphis, I want to get back in the game in a week or so.

I am also bummed that I will be in three shorts in tonight's FABA Film Fest: Arrogant Dead People, Kung-Fu Fighting: A Literary Improvisation, and Outtakes from Arrogant Dead People, all directed by Jon "Sparky" Sparks (www.jonwsparks.blogspot.com). I would still love for people to go out and support this festival. Support the arts. Support independent film!! Buy low, sell high!!!! Okay, forget that last one. But, here is the lineup for tonight:
FABA Film-Fest!!!!
6:00 pm: Start festival 6:30: Shorts program The ancient one- Don Myers- 5 min. Arrogant dead people- Jon W Sparks-5 min. (I'm in this one!!!)
Kung Fu Fighting: a literary improvisation.- Jon W sparks-5 min. (This one too!!)
Out takes- Jon Sparks- 6 Minutes (I'm in this one also) Ants in an ant farm- Timm Scalita- 9 Minutes 7:20- Broken esteem- Lynda Ingram & Timm Scalita- 22 minutes 8:00- Awards ceremony & Director panel 8:30-Last call lovin’- Timm Scalita- 50 minutes 9:30- 1000 words-Duane Craig- 30 minutes

Please come out and support. Be easy, readers!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This Just In: FABA Film Fest

Yes, your beloved King Indie is also in the FABA (For Artists By Artists) Film Fest. Here is the lineup for tomorrow:

6:40- What the Hell?-Detour Memphis-3 minutes
7: 10- Last train to Memphis presents-Man-tute- 10 minutes
Waste of O2-12 minutes
Split Decision-11 minutes
Service With a Smile-65 minutes
9:30-In an Instant-Arnita Williams-16 minutes

10:00 Uri's Move-John Fuess and Vineet Thapar-5o minutes (I'm in this one!!!)

Thursday's Lineup (Tentative):

6:30: Shorts program The ancient one- Don Myers- 5 minutes Arrogant dead people- Jon W Sparks- 5 minutes (I'm in this one!!)
Kung-Fu Fighting: A Literary Improvisation-Jon Sparks-5 minutes (This one too!!!)
Out takes-Jon Sparks-6 minutes

Ants in an ant farm- Timm Scalita- 9 Minutes

7:20- Broken esteem- Lynda Ingram & Timm Scalita- 22 minutes

8:00- Awards ceremony & Director panel

8:30-Last call lovin’- Timm Scalita- 50 minutes

9:30- 10:00 words-Duane Craig- 30 minutes

Thursday's times are subject to change in case of entries that come in late due to the post office.

The FABA Film Fest is taking place at MO's (Memphis Originals) on Walker Avenue near the Tiger Bookstore

The King has to work like a lowly peasant that night, so I am pleading for my friends, family, and supporters to please come out to support the work of Markus "King Indie" Seaberry

Countdown until Markus Seaberry's next premiere: 1 Day

Be easy, readers!!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Local Celebrity, Karaoke, and Wrestling: The Weekend Wrap-Up

Rod Pitts (www.pittstopproductions.com) and Keenon Nikita (www.myspace.com/dogdayentertainment) and myself attended an Indie Memphis preview party at Burke's Bookstore on Poplar. Several of the community were in attendance. Jon Sparks (www.jonwsparks.blogspot.com) and his lovely wife were there, the Courdoroy Wednesday (Grim Sweeper) gang was there, as was Chris McCoy of Oddly Buoyant Productions (Eat), Paradox Films and John Pickle (Importance of Being Russell), actress/singer Amy LaVere (Eat), and others. It was crazy, everybody passing out their flyers and posters. Rod and Keenon hobnobbed and rubbed shoulders, as did I. At one point, I was sitting outside with Rod and Keenon. Who comes up but Commercial Appeal movie critic John Beifuss. I said, "What's up, Beifuss?" He says, "Well, well, the most ubiquitous presence in Memphis film". John Beifuss called me ubiquitous. Rod looked it up for me, and it means that you appear to be everywhere. Yeah, that covers it!!! That felt so good. I was very appreciative, because Beifuss is very critical. I hope he likes my work. If he doesn't, I'm sure he'll let me know. Everybody showed their trailers, including Craig Brewer, who showed the Black Snake Moan trailer. A guy from Paramount approached Rod on the strength of the What Goes Around trailer. We don't have any definitive news, but he wants to see a copy of the film. It was a pretty good night for the PSP/DDE (Pittstop Productions/Dog Day Entertainment) family. Next week, on October 17, when Just the Two of Us airs at 6:15 PM, followed by What Goes Around at 8:45 PM, the legend will be firmly cemented. It's good times, people, good times, blue skies, and sunshine! I may need some sunscreen.


After work, I napped. I woke up, went to Perkin's, then I saw Talladega Nights. That was a funny movie. Will Ferrell is hilarious!!! I also loved a brief cameo by singer Elvis Costello and rapper Mos Def.

Later, I went to Jordan's for karaoke. My first song was Huey Lewis and the News' "The Power of Love". Next, me and fellow Fayette County native Uncle Ricky did "Regulate" by Warren G and Nate Dogg. Then, we did "Nuttin' But a G Thang". My last turn, I had to break out a classic from the late 80s. "The Right Stuff" by New Kids On the Block. It was wild! I even did the dance. The crowd went wild!!!


I picked up my cousin Anwar in Oakland, Tennesse and we rolled to the Collierville Cinema to watch Employee Of the Month. Dane Cook is pretty cool, and Jessica Simpson was decent. Efren Ramirez from Napoleon Dynamite was pretty funny, too.

After that, I went to my friend Shomari's house and watched wrestling. Sports entertainment at its finest, people.


The Survivor has been accepted by Indie Memphis. I am credited with the role of an EMT and I am credited as a crew member. See for yourself:


Another listing. The legend of King Indie continues to grow. Next week, when I have eight films in the Indie Memphis Film Fest (A new record, I might add), my legacy will at least be firmly established in this town. Next stop, Hollywood! Be easy, readers!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Karaoke Chronicles: The Last Few Days

Wednesday at Jordan's, I performed "Kiss" by Prince. I attempted a Prince falsetto, it wasn't just like his, but I had fun.

Thursday, I began at Jordan's. Fellow actor Forrest Pruett was in the place. I remember Forrest performing Queensryche's "Silent Lucidity". I performed "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel, then "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye.
Later, Forrest and I headed over to Flashback's where Ricky Mac does karaoke. I performed "Fabulous" by Jaheim, " "Got to Give It Up" by Marvin Gaye (more falsetto fun), "The Remedy" by Jason Mraz, and "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5. Forrest performed "Hysteria", "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi, and "Mad World" from the Donnie Darko soundtrack. It's always fun to perform, it keeps me loose and limber.

Be easy, readers

Monday, October 02, 2006

For Those of You That Don't Know...

Just the Two of Us, a joint venture between Dog Day Entertainment (www.myspace.com/dogdayentertainment) and Pittstop Productions (www.pittstopproductions.com) has won the American Artists Film Festival in Kansas (http://www.americanartistfilmfestival.com/Home.html) Director Keenon Nikita received a few cool prizes, and now he has a national agent. Hopefully, this buzz will get us some distribution. I am proud of Keenon Nikita, my film mentor Rod Pitts, and I am proud of myself. I did sound for a lot of the film. I also play a mentally challenged patient and an extra a few times. It was three years for Rod and Keenon,and two years for me on this film. There were people who dropped off the film, and people who told me to my face that we would never finish. I should take the high road, but all I have to say is: "Where you at now, haters!" I have said this before, and I will say it again: NEVER doubt any project that I am involved in. Doubting me is a cardinal sin. You better say about 10 Our Fathers and 20 Hail Marys, even if you ain't Catholic!!! You can't rush greatness. Shout out to Jon Sparks (www.jonwsparks.blogspot.com), Travis Stone (Ray), Trent Dee (21 Grams), Lavita Brooks (Katrina's Wake, What Goes Around), April Hale (Imagine, Tricks), Morris Chism (Imagine, Tricks), Alexis Green (The Survivor), Jen Morris (Delusions, Arrogant Dead People), and the many other cast and crew members from the Memphis area, even the ones whose scenes were cut. This is a great victory for us, and for the Memphis filmmaking community. Let's keep the enthusiasm going for October 17, when Just the Two of Us show at the Indie Memphis Film Festival at 6:45 PM. PSP (Pittstop Productions) and DDE (Dog Day Entertainment) will be in the building!!!! Be easy, readers.

Saying Goodbye and Karaoke Chronicles: Sunday Wrap-Up

On Sunday, I helped my good buddy Bryan Newcomb (Just the Two of Us, Mail Call) pack up. He is moving to Atlanta. Many people know that Bryan was my running buddy, friend, and frequent putdown opponent. Even today, while en route to the airport, he called me and got in a "check" (joking or cruel insult, often hurled back and forth by old friends). I regret that we never finished the documentary about yours truly, "King Indie". We got sidetracked. I will miss him. He was the main dude that I went to the movies with and just cruised the mall with. Actually, with the exception of my cousin Anwar, he was the ONLY person that I hung out like that with. Being the "Lone Ranger" will be awkward, but Bryan had been wanting to move on from the Bluff City for a while. He's a resourceful dude, I'm sure that he'll do just fine.

After leaving Bryan's place, I went to Jordan's for some afternoon salad and karaoke. I performed Sheryl Crow's "Soak Up the Sun", Justin Timberlake's "Rock Your Body", the Beatles' "Obla Di, Obla Da", Will Smith's "Gettin' Jiggy With It", and Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying". Later, after a nap and getting some new headshots from Bryan (thanks, B.New!!), I returned to Jordan's for two more songs: Jodeci's "Lately" and Limp Bizkit's "Faith". Good times, people, good times. Be easy, readers.

A Theatrical View: "Home"

On Saturday, I saw a play entitled "Home". It was presented at the Hattiloo Theatre (www.hatilootheatre.org) on 656 Marshall in Memphis, Tennessee. The Hattiloo is Memphis' new African-American Repertory Theatre. "Home" is their inaugural production. "Home" had three actors, but there was never a dull moment. Charlie Giggers was the male lead, Cephus Miles. He is a country bumpkin, a simple, Forrest Gump-like character who enjoys the country life and working the land. He is in love with a local girl, Patti Mae (Crystin Gilmore), but she eventually leaves the country for college. Miles is drafted by the Army to serve in the Vietnam War. Miles refuses to fight, citing his Christian beliefs, and is jailed. He cannot go home because the farm is sold while he is in prison, so he decides to go to the city. Blacklisted because of his prison time, employment is difficult to find, and he quickly succumbs to many of the city's temptations, including a seductive golddigger called Myrna (Tara Hickey) "Home" is a wonderful play, and Charlie Giggers is a new face to watch in the theatrical community. Crystin Gilmore and Tara Hickey also play all the supporting characters. This feat is achieved through different hats, robes, wigs, changes in mannerisms, and several quick changes behind the scenes. As someone who has had to play multiple characters in a production, I am aware of the effort that this requires, and I commend them. "Home" is a wonderful production, and a triumphant beginning for the play director and Executive/Artistic Director of Hattiloo, Ekundayo Bandele (Dollars and Signs). "Home" is running on the weekends until October 15, with shows at 8 PM on Friday and Saturday, and a matinee on Sundays at 3 PM. Please go out and support this bold new artistic endeavor in the Bluff City. Adults prices are $15, and it is $12 for Children, Students, and Seniors.

A View At the Movies: Half Nelson

Half Nelson is a very intriguing film. It stars Ryan Gosling (The Notebook) as a crack addict who also happens to be a very good middle school History teacher. He gets in trouble for not following the curriculum, but his students are actually interested and appear to be learning. The class seems to be his reason for living. Gosling's character befriends a young girl (played by Shareeka Epps). Her mother works a lot, her father is unreliable, and her brother is in jail. She discovers his secret, but in spite of that, a friendship is forged. Gosling's character finds himself in a bit of a conundrum when a crack dealer that was a friend of her incarcerated brother enters the picture. Gosling's character tries to get her to steer clear of this guy. Anthony Mackie (Eight Mile, Manchurian Candidate, She Hate Me) delivers yet another solid performance as the dealer. The thing that I love most about this film was the fact that each character is humanized. Every character does some wrong things, but each character is sympathetic and likable in their own way. Half Nelson began as a short, but after gaining buzz at several film festivals, it was turned into a full-length feature. Half Nelson does have the grainy quality and lack of flashy effects that are common with a lot of indie films, but what it lacks in grandeur, it makes up for in heart and substance. Gosling and Mackie show once again that they are two of the best young actors in the business, and Shareeka Epps has the makings of a future superstar. Hopefully, this will be a breakthrough role that will lead to a stellar film career. I strongly recommend this film. In the Memphis area, it is playing exclusively at Malco's Studio on the Square. I give Half Nelson four out of five notebooks (stars). Be easy, readers.

The Doctor's Office

I went to the doctor on Friday after I got off work. For those who don't know, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol back in 2002, and let's just say that I don't always eat the way I should. I hit 284 in February of '05, but through discipline (and a lot of running around chasing this crazy dream), I was down to 245 by November. I got a little depressed this year, lost my focus, and I am now at 275 again. I didn't lie, I told the doctor exactly how it was. He respected that, and didn't fuss too bad. Eating is my vice. I don't smoke (asthma), don't drink, don't do any illegal narcotics, but them burgers, man, they call my name!!! After they took my blood (those vampires) and sent me on my way, I got a Veggie Burger from Backyard Burger. As I scratched off some contest thing that I hoped to win, I got this message: "Please try again". Maybe I'm being a little too zen, but I believe that I will try again. I am exercising again and trying to watch what I eat. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Pray for me as I resume my battle fo the bulge. And don't dangle no pizzas or pastries in front of me. That's my crack!!! Be easy, readers.