Thursday, September 28, 2006

Karaoke Chronicles: 9/27/06

I arrived at Jordan's last night. My buddy Adam, his wife Crissy, and my girls Jamie and Candace were there. So was Forrest Pruett. I started off with "Hanging Tough" by New Kids On the Block. Yes, I fool with NKOTB!!! So what?!!! Next, I did the male rap on Salt'N Pepa's "Shoop" with Jamie. Next, Forrest and I did "Nuttin' But a G Thang". Next, because Forrest wanted to see me do some Michael Jackson, I performed "Beat It". I kinda tend to channel the spirit of MJ when I do his songs. It's crazy!!! I had a good time, and it was good to see Adam, Crissy, and Candace again.

This just in: I am in eight films in Indie Memphis. I have cameos in some of these films, but, hey, I'm in them, so I'm counting them. This shoud be a good festival for King Indie. Be easy, readers.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Rejections, Acceptance, Karaoke, and Good Times: The Weekend Wrap-Up


Got off work, met up with Rod Pitts ( and we dropped off a copy of What Goes Around at the Memphis Flyer offices for review. First, Indie Memphis chose us, and now a review. Not bad for PSP. After that, we went to a crew meeting for Tricks. Rod, crewmember Nia, and director DeAaara Lewis called people, went over the shot list, and discussed the next day's shoot. I moved furniture. DeAara gave me a little heat for "withdrawing" from crew duties to pursue my acting gigs. Hey, I'm an actor first! After that, Rod and I went to Yum's and called it a night.


I attended the Lil' Film Fest 3. This time, it was five-minute shorts about kung-fu. My god buddy Denna Greer (What Goes Around) was there, as was Craig Brewer. I got compliments on my Redd Foxx t-shirt. I was in the short directed by Jon Sparks ( It was entitled "Kung-Fu Fighting: A Literary Improvisation". It was a spoken-word version of Carl Douglas' disco hit "Kung-Fu Fighting". My word was kung-fu. I also bust a cool kung-fu pose. I had to!!! I found out that fellow actors Forrest Pruett (Almost Made), Lina Fritsche (Curbside Confessions), Learyn Wilde (Unholy Passion), and Jason Dancy (The Survivor). Sparky even got actor Jeff Daniels (Dumb and Dumber, RV) to join in on the fun. I was in a (short) film with Jeff Daniels. How cool is that? Unfortunately, we lost. The winner was John Pickle's "Electric Ninja Acid Test". It was funny, and Pickle gave me a role in his redneck epic "The Importance of Being Russell" (Official selection of Indie Memphis Film Fest). Afterwards, Sparky, location scout supreme David Merrill, myself, and others chilled out at Celtic Crossing.
After that, I went to Target (more t-shirt compliments), and then to a party for Josh Pope who was in Eat with me. I met several of his friends, like Michelle. My boy Empee, who is a dope producer/rapper, came through. I chilled out for a minute, but then I made my way to Jordan's and did some karaoke. I performed "Regulate" along with Uncle Ricky, a fellow Fayette County native. Immediately afterwards, I performed Kanyw West's "Golddigger". After that, I called it a night.


I was back at Jordan's for some Ceasar Chicken Salad and karaoke. I performed the Beatles' "Yesterday" and 112's "Come See Me". I went to Borders for a minute, then I went over my buddy Shomari's house and watched a wrestling pay-per-view broadcast.

I got the official word that I will NOT be in "Trick or Treat?" Did everybody read that, all you people who claim that "Markus is in everything"? I didn't get a part!!! The sky is falling, the apocalypse is near....whatever. However, "Grim Sweeper" (which I have a cameo in) was picked for Indie Memphis, as was "Memphis Muck", a 30-minute documentary on Muck Sticky in which there is footage of me at a Muck Sticky concert. That makes seven films at Indie Memphis that I am in. I will announce times as the date draws near. Be easy, readers.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Filming, Performances, and Auditions: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I ran into Amy Weatherford (Last Call Loving, Curbside Confessions) and her boyfriend at Best Buy. They had a little black dog named Cricket. Amy is a vegan and lover of nasty, disgusting bugs (in my opinion), so I'm not surprised. She said she would have named it Moth but she was afraid I would kill it. I agreed. After this happy banter, I went over Don McCracken's house and filled out paperwork. The next morning, I was going to be an extra in his film, Nightmare on Feng-Shui Street. We also sang "This Litte Light of Mine", the song that I had to sing. I was a little off-key, but he worked with me.

I was back over Mr. McCracken's house by 8 AM. My "acting" consisted of cleaning the leaves out of his pool. I really did this for three hours. I got paid $20. It was cool. The song turned out pretty good, too. Don also plans to use me in a church congregation scene for the movie in the future.

Later that day (after a nap), I went to the Cooper-Young Festival for a minute. I ran into comic book creator Antone Wade (, who was passing out flyers for the upcoming comic book convention in Memphis. Next, I ran into Dev of the hip-hop group Tunnel Clones (, who were about to perform. I chilled out and watched their performance. They were joined by jazz saxophonist Hope Clayburn ( for a very exciting performance. I also saw some of the local b-boys (breakdancers) like Nosy. They broke out the mat and started breaking. It was pretty awesome!!! My girl Denna Greer (What Goes Around) was also in the building, as was my friend Wanda, her sister Sue Linn and her niece. Her niece got up on my shoulders to see what was going on, but I had to put her down because my nose started running. It was a cool performance, and it was good to see the Tunnel Clones again. I bought their latest CD, "Concrete Swap", and a Tunnel Clones t-shirt. After that, I ran into local filmmaker Ben Siler and learned that he, too, was an extra on "My Blueberry Nights". I also learned that he plans to leave town for a year. Hurry back, Ben. The filmmaking community will miss you.

Later, I went to the mall with Bryan Newcomb (Just the Two of Us) and we hung out, exchanging insults and mama jokes, like we always do. After that, I went to Jordan's for a little karaoke. The KJ , Tony, insisted that I perform the Georgia Satellites' "Keep Your Hands to Yourself". I did, and the crowd loved it. Later, I performed Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative". Yes, young readers. Bobby Brown did the song first, not Britney Spears! After that, I called it a night.

I made it to the audition for this independent film Trick or Treat around 10 AM. I knew the director from "My Blueberry Nights", and another guy knew me from Delusions. I guess I was okay. They said that they would call people at 5:30 PM yesterday. I didn't get a call, so I guess I'm not in it. Even King Indie doesn't get every part. I know, I know, I can't be in everything....but I try!!! And why shouldn't I!!! I'm Markus Seaberry, the heart and soul of indie films in the Memphis area!!!! The creative lifeblood of this city flows through my veins, jack!!! I make your body shake, your liver quiver....I'm sorry, I was posessed by the spirit of classic wrestler Dusty Rhodes for a minute. Oh, well, I stil wish them well. Maybe I'll catch them next time. After that, I scooped up Bryan and we headed over to my homeboy Shomari's to watch wrestling...but, Comcast's pay-per-view channels were down. Me and the rest of my wrestling crew watched The Benchwarmers. It was a pretty funny underdog comedy with Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), Rob Schneider, David Spade, Jon Lovitz, and Craig Kilbourne. Also, the dad from Everybody Hates Chris, Terry Crews, makes an appearance. That guy is funny!!!

After that, I went back to Jordan's and performed "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" per Tony's request yet again. That's all I had time for that night.

A pretty productive weekend, although I am a little bummed about Trick or Treat? I must bounce back, like the King always does.

Plug Time!!!

Live From Memphis™ is announcing round 3 of its quarterly film fest “Li’l Film Fest” to take place on September 23, 2006 at 2pm. The festival will be held at the Memphis Digital Arts Co-operative (1000 S. Cooper Memphis, TN 38104).

The following is a list of accepted films and filmmakers:

"Electric Ninja Acid Test" John Pickle
"Ninja in a Box" Razor Teeth
"Kung Fu Fighting: A Literary Improvisation" Jon W. Sparks (I'm in this one)
"Kung Fu Baby" Nick Ross
"Ragtime Kung Chew" Galen Gower
"The Ancient One" Donald Meyers
"Kung Fu Fightin’: scenes from Blown 2" Will O’Loughlen
"Death Match Arena" Natsuko Kobayashi
"Johnny Cage, You Are a Fool" Edward Valibus Phillips
*Look for a bonus entry by Sarah Fleming and Christopher Reyes!!

The event is free and open to the public; Live From Memphis and the MeDiA Co-op will be accepting donations. Support Local Filmmakers! For More information about the LI’L FILM FEST please visit: or call 523-9763.

Countdown to Markus Seaberry's next Premiere:
5 Days and Counting!!!!

Be Easy, Readers!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

More Indie Film News!!!

Just the Two of Us has also been accepted!!! I am in five, count 'em, five films in Indie Memphis. Four features (Just the Two of Us, What Goes Around, Eat, The Importance of Being Russell) and a short (Imagine). I'm feeling good. I just hope that none of the films run opposite each other and that I have to choose. What Goes Around is dearest to me because it's my first film and it was directed by my friend Rod Pitts ( Rod is like a big brother and film mentor. I am happy for the cast and crew of these productions as well as for myself. I want to see other films, too, not just the ones that I am in. The Indie Memphis Film Fest should be interesting as usual.

I may be involved in a film this weekend, who knows?! I may check out the Cooper-Young Festival. I may go see Jaguar Wright at Isaac Hayes' club. I don't know what the weekend holds, but I will find some excitement. Be easy, readers.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's Good to Be Me Right Now!!!

First of all, I saw an advance screening of "School for Scoundrels" that start Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Stiller, Michael Clarke Duncan, Horatio Sanz (Saturday Night Live), and others. Heder is a loser whose buddy (David Cross) convinces him to take the ultimate assertive class. Heder's a star pupil, but what begins as a class turns into a battle for it all between Thornton and Heder, including the affections of Heder's secret crush (Jacinda Barrett). Very funny, very interesting, and full of twists. I may see it again when it makes it to the budget theater. Turn to your neighbor and say "$2.50"!!

Okay, I have just received word that What Goes Around, the first film that I ever did, directed by Rod Pitts (, has been accepted to Indie Memphis. The date and time will be announced soon. Imagine, also directed by Mr. Pitts, won the first Lil' Film Fest and it will also be in the Indie Memphis Film Fest. Those two movies, plus Eat and The Importance of Being Russell, brings my count up to 4 movies in Indie Memphis. 3 features and a sh0rt. I told one of the Indie Memphis officials last year that they may want to give me the MVP award next year. She said, "We don't have that award". Well, they might need to create it!! I am unbelievably hype!!! I am also justified, because I've been working my butt off for 2.5 years. It is always good to see the fruits of your labors. And I am sure that that fruit will be sweet. Today is the first day of the Markus Seaberry Indie Memphis "Respect My Fresh" campaign. And remember, when Markus Seaberry is in your production, "It's Not Just a Movie, It's a Movement"!!! King Indie rides again!!! Hail to the King, baby!!! It's on and popping this year!!! Indie Memphis will be renamed the King Indie Memphis Film Festival (in my mind). I have got to take off for these days. It's like a Seaberry film retrospective, and I ain't even been in the game that long. I thank God for the opportunity, and I thank all those who have supported me and stood by me, actors, family, and friends. It is my time. Be easy, readers.
And see my movies!!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

"I Was Supposed to Be Recovering, Wasn't I?": The Non-Acting Weekend Wrap-Up


Went to Spin Street trying to find the new CD from this spoken word artist, Black Ice. They didn't have it, but I ordered it from them. Ran into the homey Paul "P-Dub" West, up-and-coming superproducer. We chatted for a minute about hip-hop (of course), then I called it a night


I worked the dreaded day job until 1 PM, got off, went to the comic book store, chatted with my fellow geeks (it's a brotherhood, I tell ya!), went to different department stores looking at their cool action figures. I was this close to buying a Dusty Rhodes action figure or Spider-Man (coolest hero ever) action figure. Then, I saw The Devil Wears Prada. Yeah, yeah, it's a chick flick. A chick flick with two very solid actresses: Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. Stanley Tucci was pretty good in the film, too. Well worth the $2.50 I spent at the Bartlett 10.
Next, I went to Jordan's. I only performed one karaoke song, because it was packed. I performed the karaoke classis "Margaritaville". Yes, it's predictable, but I couldn't resist it. Some Caucasian gentlemen was giving me a hard time when he heard my song choice, he was like: "Sing a Black song, man!" My response was: "That's what everybody expects!" He the came back with, "Okay, but are you gonna put some soul in it?" People, music is music to me. If I like it and know it, I'll sing it, regardless of the artist's race, creed, gender, whatever. It's 2006! Let's elevate, people!!! After that, I called it a night.


Bryan Newcomb (Just the Two of Us, Mail Call) and I went to the Hattiloo Theatre on Marshall. They are a new African-American repertory theatre in Memphis. Their first show, "Home", begins Sept. 22. Bryan donated some lights, and I agreed to put up posters and the little small flyers. Okay, I will break down my results like this:

Stores that get the thumbs up (agreed with no problem):
Blockbuster Video in Poplar Plaza
Davis Kidd Bookstore in Laurelwood Shopping Center
Black Lodge Video
Young Avenue Deli
Uof M Theatre building
Bartlett Public Library

Stores that were kinda awright (they had to consult their "marketing"):
Blockbuster Video on Poplar (a little bit before Mendenhall)
Main Libaray on Poplar

Stores that shut me down (Denial's not just a river in Egypt):
Hollywood Video on Perkins Extended
Shnucks on Poplar

Those last three stores get the gas face (look up Third Bass on Wikipedia).

After that fun, I made it to Jordan's. My plan was to just get a salad and go home, but the karaoke jockey Tony aka "Superman" convinced me, and in typical Markus fashion, I took it to the extreme. I performed Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Digital Underground's "Humpty Dance" (yes, I did my Humpty Hump impersonation). I then took my slightly ill behind home.

PS My Indie Memphis Film Festival count is now at 2 Imagine won the first Lil' Film Fest which gave it automatic entry, and now I hear that Oddly Buoyant Productions' film "Eat" has been selected. That's one more film than last year. It's a good feeling. Maybe I'll get some more movies in there, who knows? Be easy, readers.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

More Randomness

1: RIP to the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. I'm sad, but not shocked. Irwin rolled the dice several times. I grieve for his family and friends, though.

2: Ron Isley, of the veteran soul group The Isley Brothers was sentenced to three years in prison on tax evasion charges. Not smart. This is why you buy one less Bentley or limo and hire an accountant who will show you how to legally, I mean, find ways to make contributions or donations that will be considered tax writeoffs.

3:Shoutouts to the old school NBA ballers that were inducted in the Hall of Fame last night: Charles Barkley, Joe Dumars of the 1989-1990 back-to-back champion Detroit Pistons (Bad Boys), and the Human Highlight Film, Dominique Wilkins. I grew up watching those cats, and it's nice to see them get into the Hall.

4: And, in the Common Sense department, Madrid has banned the skinnier models from the catwalk:,,3-2349467,00.html

I understand that some people are skinny, and most of us could stand to lose a few pounds, but seriously, the anorexic models and incredible shrinking Hollywood actresses (Lindsay Lohan raise your hand) are sending a bad message to the youth. There's a difference between skinny and looking like you are from a poverty-stricken country. I wanna kidnap some of these girls and take them to the buffet. Get toned, not bone-thin.

5: As always: Be easy, readers.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Random Items

1: I just want to acknowledge all the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the Memphis area and all over the United States. The telethons and hoopla may have died down, but I realize that you all are still going through difficulties. I couldn't imagine not being able to go to my family home. Heck, people still live at the house that used to belong to my great-grandmother. My thoughts are prayers are with you.

2:I went to an auditon for a pilot called Fardel's Hypothesis on Wednesday. I read for a character that is a an IT tech/comic book geek and has a split personality that is a professsional wrestler. Everybody who really knows me and my hobbies know that that character was written for me. Even if I don't get it, I had fun at the audition. I hope I get some sort of role because it is paying.

3:Tonight is the opening of the Hip-Hop Immortals exhibit at Stax Museum. The exhibit contains photos of several hip-hop artists in very unique settings. The local hip-hop group Tunnel Clones will also be performing. Admission is $9.00. The opening reception is from 7 to 10 tonight.

4: As always: Be easy, readers.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Fruits of My Labors: The Labor-Day Weekend Wrapup


I chilled out at home.


I got a haircut, chilled out at with my buddy Bryan Newcomb (Mail Call, Just the Two of Us). Bryan pointed out a pretty fly Memphis Red Sox shirt (that was our Negro League team), so I bought it. I went to the mall, but I didn't really find anything. I dropped Bryan off, and went back to the hip-hop stores on American Way and bought a Mecca t-shirt that said, "Chase Dreams, Not the Competition". I had to buy that. I strive to keep my motives pure in the midst of cutthroat competition. Afterwards, I went to Border's and used my thirty percent off coupon to purchase The Dusty Rhodes Story. He's one of my favorite old-school wrestlers. By pressing a button on the front of the DVD, you can hear random "Rhodisms", or some of his favorite sayings. Later, I went downtown and checked out the Center for Southern Folklore festival. I ran into Ekpe, a musician and poet who was performing. I bought a copy of this compilation that he was selling called the World Soul Project. You can buy it at Tower Records or from Ekpe himself. I also saw a performance from a drill team and drum corps called the Isisettes. I assume the name comes from the Eqyptian goddess Isis. The girls were good, but I was a litte concerned: Today's drill team girl could be tomorrow's shake joint (strip club) dancer or video "actress". I ran into Howard Feelgood, who assisted Lisa Lax with casting "My Blueberry Nights" and my fellow extra from Blueberry, Nick.

After the drill team left, there were some hip-hop performances. Willie Firecracker performed first. He looked like somebody's uncle trying to rap, but his hip-hop blues style was pretty tight. His album is available at the Center for Southern Folklore. Next up were my friends the Iron Mic Coalition ( They rocked it, they had a huge crowd and people (like myself) dancing. Jason "Da Hater" Harris jumped off stage at one point and grabbed me and another guy and we danced around in a circle, it was crazy, but fun. I also bought Jason's album "Hating In Its Finest Hour". You can buy it from him. The Iron Mic Coalition compilation "The First Edition" is available at Tower Records,, and the Center for Southern Folklore. After my boys rocked it, Kavious came up. He is a pretty well-known local rapper. I am not big on a lot of the commercial rap, but he was cool.

After that, I made it back to Jordan's for karaoke. I performed "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince, and I assisted another guy on the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right to Party". I also assisted my friend Ricky on "Regulate" by Warren G and Nate Dogg. After that, I called it a night.


I really wanted to support Ekpe and Valencia Robinson ( who were performing at the Center for Southern Folklore, but I was tired. I stayed in the Bartlett Area. I went to Jordan's for lunch. I also performed "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" by the Georgia Sattelites and "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain. Then, I went to the Bartlett 10 and checked out Da Vinci Code. It was cool, but complex. I returned to Jordan's and performed "Beat It" by Michael Jackson, then I performed "Here Without You" by Three Doors Down. My last song was "Jack and Diane" by John Mellencamp.

My brother and I went out to Oakland, Tennesse (the country, ya'll) for a Labor Day family gathering at my uncle Ray's house. We chilled out, ate unhealthy food, and watched HBO. Spike Lee's documentary "When the Levees Broke" was on. I have to get that on DVD. Very powerful, and very informative. It was cool seeing my little cousins, they're funny. It was also cool to watch them ride this horse. I really felt family warmth and togetherness and the rest of that mushy crap.

Now, I am awaiting Lindsey Roberts' call about an audition time for this new pilot that will be shot here. Lord willing, I will get chosen and make some more extra money and add to my resume. Be easy, readers.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Karaoke Chronicles: 8/31/06

My latest karaoke adventure began at Jordan's in Bartlett. I performed "Jungle Love" by the Time. I even had people in the audience doing Morris Day's (of the Time) siganture dance, The Bird. I wrapped up with "Beautiful" by James Blunt. Lina Fritsche (Curbside Confessions) performed KT Tunstall's "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" and rocked it!!! This guy named Emeka performed Boyz II Men's "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday" and "I'll Be". This guy was phenomenal!!! Later, we moved out singing over to Flashback's where Ricky Mac has a karaoke night. I sang "Nuttin' But a G Thang" with Ritchie "The Mayor of Frayser" Pierce (Almost Made) and later I sang Billy Joel's "My Life". 80s kids know this song as the opening theme to Bosom Buddies, a sitcom that starred a young Tom Hanks. Lina and Forrest Pruett sang Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life". "The Mayor" also sang "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash and Hank Williams' "A Country Boy (Frayser Boy) Can Survive". The Mayor reps Frayser all day, every day. Forrest broke out "Histeria" which I believe is a Def Leppard song. He also sang "If You Could Only See". Lina also sang Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why". My friends and I rocked it!!

This weekend, I should shoot a scene for John Fuess' "Blue Tail Fly". Other than that, it's Labor Day barbecue and good times. Be easy, readers.

PS The Iron Mic Coalition ( should be performing in front of the Center for Southern Folklore at 8 PM Saturday as part of some annual festival. Also, Jason "Da Hater" Harris will be selling his solo debut "Da Hater" for an affordable price! Support real hip-hop!!!