Friday, June 30, 2006

The Return of Karaoke

I received a call from my good friend Candace inviting me to Jordan's for karaoke. I rolled up there. I saw my good buddy and actor Joe Smith (Delusions, Arrogant Dead People) bartending. Forrest Pruett (Somerville, Glorious Mail), Travis Stone (Ray, Just the Two of Us), and Sarah Ewell (Delusions, Mail Call). Forrest, Sarah, and I wound up going over to Flashback's on Raleigh Lagrange. Forrest sang "You" by Candlebox and "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi. I performed "Sail On" by Lionel Richie. Couples were dancing, but it was okay.

Tonight, I will rehearse my part for DeaAra Lewis' movie Tricks. Tomorrow, I plan to go to an open call for My Blueberry Nights. I hope I get chosen for that because it would be a paid extra gig. I also plan to shoot a scene for a Pittstop Productions short Don't Vote for Arthur Henry, which follows a character in Spin Cycle. I should be reprising my Film Geek role from What Goes Around. My family is out of town at a big family reunion, and my big bro's gone, but I plan to find some time for relaxation. Also, I will not be at work again until Wednesday, so this will be the last entry for a few days. Be easy, readers. Also, don't eat too much barbecue, and let's be grateful for our independence.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Finally, Some Action!!

Yesterday, I went to a rehearsal for Vincent Moore's film A Cop, A Snitch and a Stripper Named Shane. We had it in a meeting room at the Main Library aka the Benjamin E. Hooks Library on Poplar. Mr. Moore (Just the Two of Us) was there, as was "Shane" herself, Cherina Black. Trent Dee (Just the Two of Us, 21 Grams) was also there, along with veteran stage actress Madeleine Rogers. She will be playing a judge. My partner in crime Rod Pitts was there, and filmmaker/Shane costar Keenon Nikita (Right Questions, The Parkers) , his daughter Ashley, and Erica Hines (Curbside Confessions). We rehearsed various scenes, including my scene as Officer Blue, a corrupt cop. It'll be nice to beat somebody up for a change, as opposed to getting hit in the head with Twizzlers (What Goes Around) or some of my other shining moments. I also met Phoebe Hines, who was also in Just the Two of Us.

Afterwards, Rod and I went over Keenon's house and listened to some of the new songs he and Ashley have been working on. Ashley's singing name is Nya. The new material is hot. I may have to come out of my "MC retirement" and spit some rhymes on some of these tracks. Ashley gets cool points for recognizing the genius that is Mary J, Blige's album What's the 411?, but she hated on my favorite new artist, Lupe Fiasco ( and his song "Kick Push". But, she's still a teenager. She probably thinks Bow Wow's a good rapper.
I hope Keenon and Ashley get their music out. I gotta get myself out there, too, through acting or other areas. Be easy, readers

PS Shout out to fictional storybook character Babar the Elephant, he turns 75 today. Babar is for the kids.

Monday, June 26, 2006

I Decided to Watch Somebody Else For a Change: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I watched TV, chilled out


Saturday afternoon I had an audition for a film about Freaknik titled Let's Ride. It was full of model/actors. No disrespect to these hopefuls, but I felt like I had a stronger background than a lot of people there. Actor Trent Dee (21 Grams, Just the Two of Us) was there. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I kicked butt!!! They were impressed with my experience and said that they would definitely be giving me a call. I remembered one of the guys from the Hustle and Flow auditions of the summer of 2004. Ah, the memories...of getting rejected (not that I'm bitter).

Saturday night I attended a Spoken Word Fest at the Hattiloo Theatre located at 656 South Marshall. It is being renovated, but it will be the only Black Repertory Theatre in Memphis. Ekundayo Bandele, poet/actor, is the Creative Director. He is also one of my costars in Brandon Hutchinson's Dollars and Signs. A lot of local poets, such as Ramp, InnerCity South and Brothas Keepa(, FW Love, IQ, Verse, and El Hakim performed. I also ran into Madeleine Rogers who is about to perform in a play called The Story. I told her I will try to make it...that's not me trying to be funny, that's just the way I have to answer people because of the way I hustle in the independent film game. I enjoyed the evening and I hope to come back to Hattiloo soon.


Chilled out, went over my boy Shomari's house and watched wrestling. I hung out with my people. Life doesn't get any better than that.

I'm not filming, but I am auditioning. That will have to do for now. Be easy, readers.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Audition at the Complex

Hello, loyal blogaholics (or should that be middlemen?), it is your good friend Markus Seaberry with yet another adventurous day in the life of a C-list actor. I went to the Complex, a club on Madison Avenue, to audition for Heist, a feature film that will be directed by Waheed AlQawasmi, who worked on Delusions along with Robert Saba and Bevan Bell. I ran into a woman who was in my group of extras on Black Snake Moan. I also ran into Marcela, who also worked on Delusions. I also ran into Arnita Williams (What Goes Around, Other Side of the Pillow), a fellow PSP (Pittstop Productions) All-Star. I hadn't seen her since she came back from California. We talked about film and IMDB and other important actor stuff. Good to see the "Full Time Hustler" back in the M-town. OF course, being the hustler that she is, she'll be back in La-La Land before we know it. The open call was very basic. We filled out info sheets, left photos, talked to Waheed or his assistant, and we were done. Hopefully, I'll get a callback. I have experience for days! Also, I think most people in the indie film game know that Markus Seaberry's work ethic when it comes to films is second to none. You can count on that like money in the bank.

I would really like to work on some film this week, either Curbside Confessions or Spin Cycle or something. I don't like being inactive for too long. I still have a point to prove and the entertainment world to conquer. I need a camera. Maybe I could start filming shorts during my dry spells. One thing's for sure, though: When it comes to fulfilling my dreams, the only people who can stop me is me, and I don't feel like quitting. Be easy, readers.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Screening and a Bittersweet Father's Day:Weekend Wrap-Up


My scene for Curbside Confessions was postponed, so Rod Pitts ( and I went to a screening of Dollars and Signs (Official Selection, 2005 Indie Memphis Film Festival...yes, I'm proud of that). It was held at the Hattiloo Theatre, 654 Marshall. The theatre is still being refurbished, but it will be an African-American Repertory Theatre that will need the support of art-lovers and people who generally give a damn about things in this city. End of PSA. Okay, Rod starts chatting with director Craig Brewer (Hustle and Flow, Black Snake Moan). I mention that I was an extra. He says that he remembers editing my scene. I may have survived the cutting-room floor, people! The Executive Director of Hattiloo, Ekundayo Bandele, was in the house. The man is a superb actor/spoken-word artist and he was in Dollars and Signs. Of course, the movie's director, Brandon Hutchinson was back from Chicago, as were principal actors Phil Darius Wallace and Morgan Jon Fox (Blue Citrus Hearts). My boy Ennis Newman aka rapper/poet/producer Fathom 9 ( was also there. He and Ron Franklin did most of the film's score. Other members of the Iron Mic Coalition ( were in attendance as well. The movie was ten minutes shorter, it flowed better. My close-up became a medium shot (Booo!), but it was cool. Brandon had us stand up for a brief Q &A. No one asked me ANYTHING! I'll take feeling useless for $200, Alex! Later, we moved across the street and some (very few) people watched the performances. Ron Franklin plays a mean acoustic guitar. Very folksy, kinda bluesy, but engaging. Some members of the IMC also rocked it. It was an enclosed area and not very condusive to a hip-hop performance, but they persevered.

After that, Rod and I built with Keenon Nikita ( until the wee hours. We discussed movies, celebrities, God, love, it was very interesting.


The late night chat session caused me to wake up at 2 PM. I missed the Lil' Film Fest. I wanted to support and cheer on Jon Sparks ( because he had a documentary in the competition. Sorry, Sparky! Also, sorry about the loss. Maybe I could've been that extra vote (heh heh). I went to Spin Street and bought my father a collection of old Westerns for Father's Day. I ran a few more errands, then I went to the second screening of Dollars and Signs at the Media Co-Op. It was cool. Oddly Buoyant Productions was in the house, as was Morgan Fox, David Merrill, and other film people. After this screening, when I got on stage, Ennis asked me a question. It was a plant. We planned it. Hey, you gotta make the most of any opportunity. After this showing, Valerie June performed. She and Ron Franklin collaborated on an original song for the movie, "How Free Will I Be". She performed that and some other things, I bought her CD. She performs in the Cooper-Young area a lot. her performances are very passionate and heartfelt. Support her!!! Next, local rapper Cosmo ( performed three songs. He has a CD. Support him!!! Then, local rapper Ptah Maximus ( performed. He has an album. Support him!!! Last, Fathom Nine performed. The Iron Mic Coaliton has an album thats' available at Tower Records and Support them!!!

Brandon said that he appreciates my enthusiasm, which messed me up a little, because I get down and frustrated a lot about acting and life in general. I'm glad to be of service, I guess. Later, Ennis, Kevin Youngblood (Ptah), Cosmo, myself, Louie (Sperichal), and some more friends of Ennis' all went to Perkins on Poplar and ate and chilled out and made fun of certain patrons. It was wrong, but it was funny!!!

I chilled out, watched a few TV show that my big bro taped for me (DVR rules!), and my mom called and said that since the weather was so bad, we shouldn't go out there. So, my father has not received his Father's Day gift yet. Bummer. I went over my friend Shomari's house and watched a wrestling Pay-Per-View. I finally gavbe him his birthday present, a Family Guy DVD. He finally gave me my present, a DVD of the first season of the latest Batman cartoon.

After that, I headed home and watched the conclusion of the Heat-Mavericks NBA game. Shout out to Dwyane Wade. He had over 40 points and basically willed the Miami Heat team to victory. D-Wade is the truth!!!

Today, I plan to work hard at my great job (sarcasm alert!), go home, and watch Monday Night Raw. I'll film again...someday. Be easy, readers.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The No-Filming (and Acting) Drought Continues

I went to Red West's house last night, I learned that class had been canceled. Chatted with up and coming actress Alisa for a minute. She said I was a "natural", and she spoke of me in the same breath as fellow actors (The Great) Travis Stone (Ray, Delusions) and Forrest Pruett (Somerville, Glorious Mail). I was honored, but I thought she was a little too gracious in assessing my abilities. Maybe I'm my own worst critic.
Also, I was supposed to shoot scenes on Curbside Confessions, but it was canceled. I'm beginning to think that I am not supposed to film and that I should enjoy my time of leisure. I guess now I'll go to the screening of Dollars and Signs tonight. Okay, here are the details on the two screenings:

FRIDAY, JUNE 16TH: Screening of Dollars & Signs@ The Hatiloo Black Repertory Theater at 654 Marshall Aveto be followed by Q&A Cast/Crew, and live music Screening starts @ 8:00$15atdoor-The Iron Mic Coalition ( is scheduled to perform.

Saturday, June 17th:

Dollars & Signs Outdoor Screening
885 S Cooper-Back yard of Two Chicks and a Broom/Lightyears Vintage
film starts at sundown
$10 at door.
Gates open @ 8:00

I should be there tonight, and probably tomorrow as well. Support me and continue to support independent film in Memphis.

Countdown until Markus Seaberry's next screening: Today's the day, people

Be easy, readers

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Random Observations and Announcements

The other day, I was in the new Dollar General near my house (now it really is the "Dirty Dova"), and a guy paid for some random item with a $100 bill. The lady had to find her supervisor and everything. My complaint is couldn't you have went to the bank and gotten change or something? Also, if you're paying with $100 bills, do you really NEED to be in Dollar General? I don't know.

My evenings have been very boring. Hopefully, I should film on Curbside Confessions tomorrow.

Now, let's talk about some screenings:

The movie "Dollars and Signs", directed by Brandon Hutchison, has two screenings this weekend

First screening:

654 Marshall Ave. 8PM, Friday, at the Hattiloo Theatre

There will be live music and a Q&A with the cast.

It is $12 w/RSVP, $15 at the door, RSVP to

Second screening:

885 S.Cooper at 8 PM, Saturday, $10.00 at the door
(This is an outdoor screening)

PS I have a small role in the film and I plan to be at the Saturday screening (should be filming Friday). Support me if you can; better yet, continue to support independent film in Memphis!

Countdown to Markus Seaberry's next film premiere: One day and counting!

Be easy, Readers!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

I've Got the No-Filming Blues:The Weekend Wrap-Up

I chilled out, watched Friday Night Smackdown (it's a wrestling show, nothing perverted), and called it a night

Went to an audition for the film Chance Encounter. Saw Jerry Kimble (Act One) up in the place. Also saw this guy named Jose who is in Tricks. Plus, my fellow PSP All-Stars Learyn Wilde (Across the River, Imagine) and Jason Dancy (The Survivor, Just the Two of Us). I actually read opposite Learyn. I don't feel good about this audition. It had slipped my mind until around 3PM Saturday, and I didn't have the sides (script used for audition). I tried to play the guy laid-back and introverted, but I fear that I may have been too laid-back. Learyn said I did good, and that made me feel a little better, but, unfortunately, she is not casting this one. I thought Learyn knocked it out of the park, though. Later on that night, I went to a hip-hop show at Precious Cargo hosted by the Iron Mic Coaliton ( I got to holla at my boy Jason Harris aka "The Hater", my boy Cosmo, and the rest of the crew. I also met some dudes from Little Rock that performed. The first guy from Little Rock that performed was a Caucasian rapper named Mad Trucker ( He kicked very fast raps that seemed to be political. Also, this guy named Dirtbag performed. There was also a guy named 607 (, My buddy Ptah Maximus (from Memphis) performed (, as did local MC Seance. Seance denounced Myspace and hollered out his personal number. Bold move, buddy! I'm not that friendly. The other Little Rock act was NCaHootz( The final act was local MC Sponge. He was very humorous yet lyrical at the same time. It was a cool experience, all around. Shout out to Iron Mic Coalition and the rest of the acts.


Still no filming (sniff, sob). I hung out all day and watched a wrestling Pay-Per-View with my people that evening.

I feel like I'm letting my readers down. I wanted to film, but things just didn't happen. Hopefully, this week will be better. Be easy, readers.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another Read-Through

I participated in a read-through for A Cop, A Snitch and a Stripper Named Shane. It's a film about nuns. I kid, I kid. Vincent Moore (Just the Two of Us) is the director and one of the main characters. LaVita Brooks (Katrina's Wake, Just the Two of Us) plays my partner, Officer Black. I am Officer Blue, we are the crooked cops who hassle the "snitch", Norfleet. Trent Dee (21 Grams, Divine Manipualtion of the Threads) is also in the film, as is Dana Terle (Heart + Strings), Erica Hines (Curbside Confessions) and Keenon Nikita (Just the Two Of Us, The Right Questions). I have one scene. I've been trying to get small roles so they don't conflict with my main project this summer, Curbside Confessions. My character's a bit of a hardcase, which is what I've been wanting to play for some time. I may have to start writing again, because it looks like I may have a little more free time near the end of July. After going through the scene three times, I left them to picking apart the rest of the script.

After that, Bryan Newcomb (Mail Call, Just the Two of Us) and I went to Spin Street where I used the $15.00 gift card Paul "P-Dub" West got me for my birthday. I bought used versions of The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection and The Road Warriors. I still love my wrestling!

Hopefully, this weekend Rod and I will shoot some scenes for Spin Cycle. Maybe one day we'll get to my scene. Hopefully, I will have lost a little more weight by then. One can only hope. Be easy, readers.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Random Comments

First of all, RIP to Billy Preston, veteran r&B singer and "Fifth Beatle":

The great ones have been leaving like crazy. Lou Rawls, Gordon Parks, and now Mr. Preston. There's a big void in terms of African-Americans and artistic impact right now, in my humble opinion.

Second, Justin Timberlake is supposed to revive the Stax Record label:,1426,MCA_505_4755516,00.html

Now, love him or hate him, somebody needs to revive the label, however I hope the emphasis is still on soul and not commercial acts.

These were just some things that caught my eye, I hope you enjoy them. Be easy, readers.

PS I haven't filmed since Friday, I had to find something to blog about!

Monday, June 05, 2006

It's My Birthday....

YAAAY!!! Seriously, I thank God for another year. I'm a little under the weather, and that's not cool anyday (especially on my birthday). I celebrated on Saturday, so I'm chilling. Food and Monday Night Raw (wrestling) are on the agenda for today. Be easy, readers.

Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, changed into my "wardrobe" and shot a scene for Curbside Confessions. I signed a confidentiality agreement, so I can't say anything, but I will say it was intense and challenging.

I had an early birthday breakfast (it's actually today) with my parents at IHOP near the Wolfchase Mall. It was cool to chill with the family. I learned that my little cousin Alison has a serious medical condition. I can't remember the name, but it's serious. She's doing fine right now, but I am concerned. My mom gave me a $50 check and two cards. The check was deposited shortly afterwards. Later on, Bryan Newcomb (Just the Two of Us, Mail Call) and I went to the Oak Court Mall, then to the "urban" clothing stores on American Way. Later on, my friends and I celebrated my birthday at On the Border. Denna Greer (What Goes Around) and Paul "P-Dub" West gave me a gift bag, which contained a Napoleon Dynamite birthday card (that movie rocks), popcorn, Reese's Pieces, a gift card for Spin Street (Sweet!), and the Rize DVD. Shout out to Shomari Gant, Terrance Jones and his girlfriend, Paul Briggs, anoher Terrence, Walt, Shankika, Big Chris, Mario, Wanda, Jamaica, and Bryan Newcomb for attending. The next phase got a little tricky. Walt, the second Terrence, and Bryan left, and the rest of us went to the movies. I suggested Mission Impossible, but most people had seen that and wanted to see The Break-Up. I agreed, and I thoroughly enjoyed that movie. Vince Vaughn was hilarious. Their arguments seemed authentic. Jon Favreau (Rudy) was funny as Vince's best friend.


I attended a read-through for Tricks. The writer/director/star DeAara Lewis was there, as was her sister, Deneka, who is in the film, as well as Morris Chism (Imagine), April Hale (The Survivor, Imagine), Kim Skipper (Imagine, What Goes Around), and Christian who is a hypeman with the group FreeSol ( Jon Sparks (Delusions, Across the River) was also there. Sparky has this great evil character named Sebastian Crump. I believe his performance will be great (You feel the pressure now, don't you, Sparky?). I started feeling a little under the weather, so I headed home. Be easy, readers.