Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An Advance View at the Movies: American Gangster

I got a pass to an advance screening of American Gangster last night. The movie is awesome!!!
I am going to try to give a spoiler-free review of this excellent film.

The movie begins with Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) being the righ-hand man to Harlem crimelord Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson, played by veteran actor Clarence Williams III. Fans of 70s TV may remember him as "Linc Hayes" from The Mod Squad. Eventually, Bumpy passes the reins to Lucas. With Bumpy no loner in control, the streets are chaotic, and other gangsters such as Tango (played by Idris Elba) challenge Lucas. Lucas meets the challenge and becomes the No. 1 gangster in Harlem. Lucas also travels to Bangkok and gets connected with a drug supplier over there thanks to his cousin in the military played by the criminally underrated Roger Guenveur Smith). This was an unprecedented move, no African-American gangster had ever been so bold as to cut out the middle men (the Italian mafia). We see how Lucas begins to market his brand of cocaine, "Blue Magic", fights off opposition from cops and opposing criminals such as Nicky Barnes, who was surprisingly played well by Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Denzel is excellent in the film, giving the character just the right balance of ruthlessness and compassion. Russel Crowe is also brilliant as Richie Roberts, the cop who makes it his mission in life to bring Lucas to justice. Crowe's character is extremely honorable on the job, but a lousy husband to his wife (played by Carla Gugino) and not the best father to his son. Chiewetel Ejiofor shines as Huey Lucas, Lucas' loyal but careless brother. Rappers Common and TI also give brief but decent performances as Lucas' brother Turner and his nephew Stevie Lucas, respectively. Joe Morton is also in the film as one of Lucas' confidants. Other standout performances include Josh Brolin as a dirty cop and Ruby Dee as Lucas' mom. She is one of our last living cinematic veterans, so it is always a treat to see her on the screen. Hip-hop veteran Fab 5 Freddy also has a cameo, as does soul singer Anthony Hamilton as, appopriately enough, a singer at Lucas' nightclub.

Frank Lucas was an innovator and trailblazer, albeit in the criminal realm. The movie was a very immoral and twisted African-American history moment. Lucas was very meticulous and made a huge effort to appear inconspicuous, and the way they contrast him with some of the flashier gangsters in Harlem such as Nicky Barnes was a nice storytelling tool. Denzel's Washington's portrayal of Lucas is one of a man walking a tightrope between devoted family man and merciless crimelord. Even family members were not above punishment. Crowe's character is equally complex and troubled. It seems that Roberts is focused solely on fighting crime and finishing law school. His wife, son, and other endeavors are all secondary. Roberts was a very honorable and moral cop whose devotion even made some of his fellow officers think he was insane. RZA of the rap group Wu-Tang Clan also turned in a surprisingly decent performance as a cop on the special task force Roberts assembled to investigate the drug trade in New York and New Jersey.

Bottom line: The film is awesome, it keeps you interested, and it Washington and Crowe deliver Oscar-worthy perfomances. I strongly recommend this film, and I am asking those of you that already have it on bootleg (No need to name names) to at least see a matinee performance of this film. Director Ridley Scott, Crowe, and Washington all need to make room on their trophy chest before award season begins in January. I give American gangsters 5 out of 5 bullets.

RIP Robert Goulet

I got this off

`Camelot' star Robert Goulet dies at 73

LOS ANGELES - Singer Robert Goulet has died at a Los Angeles hospital where he had been waiting for a lung transplant. His Broadway debut in "Camelot" launched his award-winning stage and recording career. He was 73.
Goulet was in good spirits as he waited for a lung transplant, even telling doctors before they inserted a breathing tube, "Just watch my vocal cords," his wife said.
The big-voiced baritone had been diagnosed last month with a rare form of pulmonary fibrosis.
Vera Goulet, his wife of 25 years, said they were last able to speak three weeks ago before the singer was placed on a respirator.
Longtime friend Wayne Newton said Goulet's sense of humor "kept my spirits up in some of the lowest valleys in my life."
"His incredible voice will live on in his music, and as Bob so brilliantly sang, 'There will be another song for him and he will sing it,' for God now has another singing angel by his side," Newton said in a statement.
The Massachusetts-born Goulet, who spent much of his youth in Canada, gained stardom in 1960 with "Camelot," the Lerner and Loewe musical that starred Richard Burton as King Arthur and Julie Andrews as his Queen Guenevere.
Goulet played Sir Lancelot, the French knight who falls in love with Guenevere.
He became a hit with American TV viewers with appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show" and other programs. Sullivan labeled him the "American baritone from Canada," where he had already been a popular star in the 1950s, hosting his own TV show called "General Electric's Showtime."
Goulet won a Grammy Award in 1962 as best new artist and made the singles chart in 1964 with "My Love Forgive Me."
"When I'm using a microphone or doing recordings I try to concentrate on the emotional content of the song and to forget about the voice itself," he told The New York Times in 1962.
"Sometimes I think that if you sing with a big voice, the people in the audience don't listen to the words, as they should," he told the newspaper. "They just listen to the sound."
While he returned to Broadway only infrequently after "Camelot," he won a Tony award in 1968 for best actor in a musical for his role in "The Happy Time." His other Broadway appearances were in "Moon Over Buffalo" in 1995 and "La Cage aux Folles" in 2005, plus a "Camelot" revival in 1993 in which he played King Arthur.
His stage credits elsewhere include productions of "Carousel," "Finian's Rainbow," "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," "The Pajama Game," "Meet Me in St. Louis" and "South Pacific."
Goulet also performed in movies ranging from the animated "Gay Purr-ee" (1962) to "Underground" (1970) to "The Naked Gun 2 1/2" (1991). He played a lounge singer in Louis Malle's acclaimed 1980 film "Atlantic City."
He returned to Broadway in 2005 as one half of a gay couple in "La Cage aux Folles."
Goulet had no problems poking fun at his fame, appearing recently in an Emerald nuts commercial in which he "messes" with the stuff of dozing office workers, and lending his name to Goulet's SnoozeBars. Goulet also has been sent up by Will Ferrell on "Saturday Night Live."
"You have to have humor and be able to laugh at yourself," Goulet said in a biography on his Web site.
The only son of French-Canadian parents, Goulet was born in Lawrence, Mass. After his father died, his mother moved the family to Canada when the future star was about 13.
He received vocal training at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto but decided opera wasn't for him. He made his first professional appearance at age 16 with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.
Pianist Roger Williams said he first met Goulet when he performed on a Canadian television show.
"He appeared on the last part of the show, and I knew then that he was a tremendous talent," Williams said. "He could shake a room with that big beautiful voice."
In his last performance Sept. 20 in Syracuse, N.Y., the crooner was backed by a 15-piece orchestra as he performed the one-man show "A Man and his Music."
Although Goulet headlined frequently on the Las Vegas Strip, one period stood out, evidenced by a photograph that hung on his office wall. It was the mid-1970s, and he had just finished a two-week run at the Desert Inn when he was asked to fill in at the Frontier, across the street.
Overnight, the marquees of two of the Strip's hottest resorts read the same: "Robert Goulet."
"I played there many, many years and have wonderful memories of the place," Goulet told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
His first two marriages ended in divorce. He had a daughter with his first wife, Louise Longmore, and two sons with his second wife, Carol Lawrence, the actress and singer who played Maria in the original Broadway production of "West Side Story."

RIP to another tremendous talent.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Support Keenon Nikita!!

My good friend Keenon Nikita is planning to walk to California from Memphis starting at noon on Thursday, November 1 He will walk or bike ride for approximately 28 days in the hopes of gaining support and funding for his upcoming project "Heaven in 28 Days". He plans to end his walk at the Hollywood sign. Please support him if you can. You can add him as a friend at For more info, or to buy a copy of his book (Single Black Father), or his film (Just the Two of Us), or just to make a donation, visit Investors or supporters can also email him at Keenon can also be reached at (901) 949-2457. Please support my friend as he chases his dreams.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Robberies, Parties, and Movies: The Weekend Wrap-Up


My good buddy Paul Briggs called me at work and said that he had tickets to the Memphis Grizzlies' exhibition game. While at the game, we ran into T.J. Love aka Royal T, the nephew of DeAara Lewis, who directed Tricks. He was there with DeAara's younger brother, Guido. Guido composed "Chester's Lap Dance", my the unofficial theme for my character Chester in the movie Tricks. We chilled out, watched the game, and talked sports and music until halftime. We all moved down closer. The Grizzlies lost, 140-113, but it was an exhibition.

After the game, we went back to Paul's van to find that it had been broken into. Some crackhead broke out the window on the sliding door of his van. They stole some candy that he had bought for his girlfriend, some gift cards, jumper cables, and other items. Paul called the police, but he also flagged down a cop patrolling the area. The officer explained that the area where we parked is a haven for crackheads. They break into cars and try to sell the stuff to get more drugs from a nearby crackhouse. We were at the corner of Vance and some other street. Anyway, we will park in garages from now on. We made it to Walgreens and I bought some packing tape. We made it to Paul's apartment and used the tape and a plastic bag to cover the window. I also wound up helping this other guy who was having car trouble. He had a woman trying to push his car to help it start. Part of me wanted to stay out of it, but I wasn't raised that way. I started pushing the car, and the girl got in the passenger seat. My weight and pushing helped the car to start, and they sped off. Then, I left Paul's apartment, got some Taco Bell, and called it a night.


I went to the bank, then stood outside Spin Street to get a pass to an advance screening of American Gangster. It was close, I think I was the 60th person in line or something. Luckily, they had enough. Most of the people after me, however, not so lucky. I will be watching that film on Tuesday.

After that, I went to the library, then I took a nap and got up and went to Arnold Edward' Halloween party. It was cool, the conversations were cool, but eventually they started talking about things I could not relate to. Evidently, young girls like these effeminate male Asian rock stars. They look like girls, but they're men!! I don't get it, because I don't like masculine women. However, that's cool right now. They also started talking about music I didn't know. I mainly listen to and purchase underground hip-hop. This is hip-hop done by people who actually have something to talk about. I knew a few of the groups, but not many. When I could no longer contribute to the conversation, it was close to 1 AM, so I left. It was a cool party, though. Arnold Edwards is a cool guy, and a dope director. His girlfriend Dayna rocks also. She's from the country (Fayette County) like me.


I left the house around 4:40 and saw Darjeeling Limited. It was a very quirky film directed by Wes Anderson. In the film, three brothers (Owen Wilson, Jason Schwatzman, and Adrien Brody) take a train ride through India to reconnect. They have not spoken since their father's funeral a year ago. They have crazy hijinks and adventures. It was odd, but it was okay.
Afterwards, I went to my friend Shomari's mom's house and watched a WWE pay-per-view, Cyber Sunday. It was cool. I got into a debate with the women about watching I love New York. I find it to be demeaning and it shows African-American people at their most ignorant. The women countered back with Uncut, the late-night risque video show that used to air on BET. I finally conceded that they have a point, but I stopped watching it before it went off the air. I am just trying to eliminate ignorance in the things I watch and listen to. Of course, nobody cares. I should have kept my mouth shut. African-Americans will keep watching that ignorance, and our children will get dumber and have no values and morals. I am not solely placing the blame on I Love New York, but that type of foolishness and cooning is detrimental to African-Americans as a whole. I think I hear Martin Luther King turning over in his grave again. Be easy, readers.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Tricks Screening

I am a day late with this because I was not feeling well yesterday. Okay, here's what went down:

Several of the cast were there, like this guy named DeMarco, Christian B. for the group FreeSol, and of course, Deneka Lashea, who played the main prostitute Donna. Her sister, DeAara Lewis, the film's director and producer and also a star of the film, was there. As was the line producer Ladonna, Colette, and other cast members like April Hale, and of course, the Director of Photography and Associate Producer Rod Pitts.

The film was awesome!!! The character of Jean, an older prostitute, got the most laughs. Jon Sparks ( is excellent as a crooked police chief. Al Lewis (DeAara's father) is excellent as the mayor. DeAara got applause for a particularly emotional scene between her and her character's boyfriend. I also got laughs for my scene as Chester. Chester tries to convince Jean to "make it clap". If you don't know what that means, you've got to see the movie. Kim Skipper (What Goes Around, Just the Two or Us) also gave a brilliant performance. Shout out to DeAara and Deneka's younger brother Guido for composing the music during my scene. It is appropriately titled "Chester's Lap Dance". The movie got a standing ovation. Also, all the cast came up and stood in front of everybody for a brief Q&A session. Later, Raven got our thoughts and reactions on camera. Nia another member of the crew, kept saying that "Rod Pitts gets too much free publicity"because he is the top friend on several people's Myspace (myself included). I responded back, "but he's kind and giving". Nia then said "What the @### are you, an elf?!" It was funny. Afterwards, Rod and I went to the Perkins on Poplar for our traditonal post-screening meal. Our cute waitress (Angelina) was very friendly. She even gave me some pancakes that were accidentally made. I shouldn't have eaten so heavy that late at night, but I did. And i felt heavy the next morning.

All the joking around outside and the late night contributed to me feeling sick yesterday. It was worth it and I made it through the workday. Congrats to Rod and DeAara. Pittstop Productions and Drama Queen Entertainment have done it big!!! I encourage everyone in the Memphis area to see the next screening of Tricks and The Forgotten Ones, DeAara's first film. It will be happening soon. Oh, yeah, shout out to Deneka's son, TJ, who performed the rap song that is heard over the closing credits. I believe it is called "Trickin". It was a very hot song!! I am eagerly looking forward to the next projects from these two talented filmmakers, especially since I don't have any official roles coming up (Hint, hint). Be easy, readers!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Corrected times for screenings of "Tricks"

This is a little info about the new screenings for "Tricks" from the director DeAara Lewis:

Hello Everyone,

First off, I just want to thank all of you who came out and supported "Tricks" last night. It was great energy from the crowd which confirmed to us that we made a product the would be embraced.

Also, let me state that the technical difficulties were NOT the fault of the production team of "Tricks." We brought several pieces of back up gear but due to miscommunication, we did not get a chance to implement those strategies.

That said, I am inviting you to the Encore show tonight, same time, same place. (Studio on the Square - 9:55 p.m.). Those of you with your ticket stubs from yesterday, just show them at the door. If you would like a refund, just go up the Studio on the Squares Box Office and show them your stub, they open at 11;00 a.m.

Below are the knew scheduled show times for "Tricks." I hope to see you again tonight, so we can do this thing right!


DeAara Lewis
Writer, Producer, Director of "Tricks" (Show Times Below)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007 @ 9:55 p.m. (Studio on the Square)
Thursday, October 25, 2007 @ 1:00 p.m. (Studio on the Square)

That's her statement, now here's mine: I am asking my blog readers, friends, and fans of good movies in the Memphis area to please come out and support our homegrown talent. Tricks is an entertaining film with heart. Memphis, we would greatly appreciate your support.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up: The Indie Memphis Film Fest '07 Edition


I got off work, and headed to the pre-party at the Memphis Heritage on Edgewood. I ran into Rod Pitts (, DeAara Lewis (director, Tricks), and others, including former America's Next Top Model contestant YaYa Dacosta. She was in Honeydripper, John Sayles' film that was opening the Indie Memphis Film Festival. It was an interesting, star-studded film: Lisa Gay Hamilton, Danny Glover, Charles S. Dutton, Stacy Keach, and even Kel Mitchell. It should be in theatres soon.
After that, there was an afterparty at the home of Chris McCoy and Laura Hocking-McCoy, the founders of Oddly Buoyant Productions. It was cool, I enjoyed myself and I tried to network. DeAara's sister, Deneka, talked me into dancing a little bit. It was captured on camera.
Rod and I left and began our quest to find a Friday paper. In the Playbook pullout section, they did articles about Indie Memphis and showed a photo from Tricks. We went to to Playbook holders: One at Buster's Liquor, and the other at Newby's. They had last week's Playbook. We went farther down on Highland to the Circle K, and we were victorious. So I would have enough money to use my debit card, I bought two Gatorades. I tried to give Rod the one that I didn't want, and he asked me about the other one. He finally took the blue one, and I got to keep my Lime. Just like old times.


I went to the Awards Ceremony for Indie Memphis. Shout out to Team Picture, which won Best Narrative Feature in the Hometowner category. Shout out to Angel Ortez, whose short First Amendment: Canceled also won an award.
After that, Rod, Keenon Nikita, The Lewis Clan, and myself all went to Applebees to eat. Rod, DeAara, Deneka, and DeAara's boyfriend Danny all watched the Music Video Showcase. I kinda wanted to, but I knew that meant enduring a few materialistic rap videos. I am NOT a big fan of those videos.
I went to Jordan's Karaoke Bar and Grill and sang a few songs. Good times, people, good times.


I went to the shorts program that began at noon. I was in a short that was directed by Jon Sparks ( entitled Happy Artistic Freedom Day. It got a good reception.

Then, I attended a seminar about distribution. It was interesting. I ran into DeAara and Danny and Kim Skipper (Just the Two of Us, What Goes Around). The seminar was very informative.
Kim and I talked shop (acting and filmmaking) for a while after the seminar. I got some food and hung around until the next shorts program at 5:15 PM. I was in a short entitled No Shades of Gray. It was a fictional account of the feud between Wendi Thomas and Three Six Mafia set to music. Jon Sparks is a genius. My mom and Aunt Mary were there. My mom wants to do a film about life in the Delta. I told her to start off with a short. I think that she wants to do a documentary. I told her it has to be good. People know me, and her work will be a reflection of me. Wow, I got all parentlike on my mom. I'm lucky she didn't smack me. I will assist her and defintely get her the help she needs in preparing the short.

Later, I saw Team Picture. It was an interesting film followed by an interesting Q and A by the director Kentucker Audley. I was also an extra in the film. Oh, yeah, the opening short, Distortion, was suspenseful. Kudos to director Justin Gullett. Also, shout out to The Book of Noah. Their screening sold out. Shout out to fellow actor Pat because it was his first lead role. He was nervous, but I suppose I'll be that way when my time comes.

I also want to give props and shine the spotlight on two of my fellow actors. Jon "Sparky" Sparks has a very pivotal speaking role in Nothing But the Truth, the big-budget film currently shooting in Memphis. It looks like Sparky will soon join the ranks of the SAG-eligible. Getting a speaking role in a major production makes you eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild, or SAG. It's a little pricey, but it's very hard to find work in California without being SAG.

The other actor deserving of spotlight is Don Myers. He is a stand-in for Alan Alda on the set of Nothing But the Truth. I am very proud of Don.

Indie Memphis Film Fest continues until Thursday. Read about the movies that I am in below, and be easy, readers!!!

Plug Time!!!!

I am in two more movie tonight as part of the Indie Memphis Film Fest at Malco's Studio on The Square in Memphis

Studio on the Square's info:
2105 Court Street
Memphis, TN

Tonight's films:

A young doctor searches for answers in a woman who claims she is the only survivor in a plane crash that took the lives of over 200 people including her son. 2006.
Director: Rod Pitts, Hometowner
7 minutes
Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

Runs as a part of Shorts Program 4

Monday, October 22 7:40 PM
Thursday, October 25 1:05 PM

An urban tale of five prostitutes, their enterprising madam, and the struggles of each to not only survive, but thrive in a business that's deemed immoral andtaboo. 2007.
Director: DeAara Lewis, Hometowner
115 minutes

Monday, 9:55 p.m. and Tuesday, Oct. 23, 3:10 p.m.
Filmmaker scheduled to attend

Second showings of my other films:

Happy Artistic Freedom Day
Director; Jon Sparks
Running Time: 4 minutes

Runs as a part of Shorts Program 2

Time: Tuesday, October 22, 3:05 PM

No Shades of Gray
Musical interpretation of local columnist Wendi C. Thomas' opinions about local rap heros Three 6 Mafia.
Director: Jon Sparks, Hometowner
4 minutes.

Runs as a part of Shorts Program 3

Time: Wednesday, October 24 1:10 PM

Support me if you can.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's Indie Memphis Time!!!

Friends, family, and associates:

Once again, the Indie Memphis Film Fest is upon us. Once again, I managed to convince some people to cast me in their films, and some of those films were chosen for this year's Indie Memphis Film Festival, taking place at Malco Studio on the Square theater from October 19-October 25.

Studio on the Square's info:
2105 Court Street
Memphis, TN 38104

Now, the films:

Happy Artistic Freedom Day
Director; Jon Sparks
Running Time: 4 minutes

Runs as a part of Shorts Program 2

Times: Sunday, October 21, 12 PM
Tuesday, October 22, 3:05 PM

No Shades of Gray
Musical interpretation of local columnist
Wendi C. Thomas’ opinions about local
rap heros Three 6 Mafia.
Director: Jon Sparks, Hometowner
4 minutes
Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

Runs as a part of Shorts Program 3

Times: Sunday, October 21 5:15 PM
Wednesday, October 24 1:10 PM

Team Picture (I'm an extra in this one!!)
A realistic character study of a young
man in his early 20s negotiating a
disintegrating relationship with an
ambitious photographer girlfriend and
an ascending fling with an adventurous
floater, as well as pressures from his
family and society to go to college and
make steps towards success all the while
becoming increasingly interested in the
questionably viable life of playing guitar
and writing songs. 2007.
Director: Kentucker Audley, Hometowner
62 minutes
Sunday, Oct. 21, 8:05 p.m. and
Wednesday, Oct. 24, 1:15 p.m.
Filmmaker scheduled to attend.
A woman haunted by dreams seeks
counseling from her therapist lover.
Director: Justin Gullett, Hometowner
4 minutes
Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

A young doctor searches for answers
in a woman who claims she is the only
survivor in a plane crash that took the
lives of over 200 people including her
son. 2006.
Director: Rod Pitts, Hometowner
7 minutes
Filmmaker scheduled to attend.

Runs as a part of Shorts Program 4

Monday, October 22 7:40 PM
Thursday, October 25 1:05 PM

An urban tale of five prostitutes, their
enterprising madam, and the struggles
of each to not only survive, but thrive in
a business that’s deemed immoral and
taboo. 2007.
Director: DeAara Lewis, Hometowner
115 minutes
Monday, Oct. 22, 9:55 p.m. and
Tuesday, Oct. 23, 3:10 p.m.
Filmmaker scheduled to attend

Those are the films. Note that this year, there are two screening times for each film. I plan to be at the first screenings for all of these films. I hope to see some of you there.

Days Until Markus Seaberry's next screening: 5

Be easy, readers!!!

RIP Ernest Withers

Another great voice of our history has been silenced. I have posted part of the article from the Commercial Appeal.

Ernest Withers dies at 85
Photographer with a great heart had 'burning desire to shoot pictures'
By Michael Lollar (Contact)Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Much of his work has been recognized in museum collections, but for photographer Ernest Withers the real joy was what friend Benjamin Hooks calls a simple "burning desire to shoot pictures."
Withers, 85, died about 8:35 p.m. Monday at Memphis Veterans Medical Center. His death followed a Sept. 23 stroke that led to complications, said his son, Joshua 'Billy' Withers of Los Angeles.

Read the rest of the article here:

The Importance of Being Russell Wins More Awards!!

The Importance of Being Russell won the Audience Award for Best Feature at the Secret City Film Festival in Oak Ridge, Tenn. Also, star John Pickle earned the Best Actor award at the second annual Southern Appalachian International Film Festival in Johnson City, Tenn., an event co-sponsored by East Tennessee State University. The movie also won the award for Best Comedy.

Shout out to John Pickle and Paradox Productions for selecting me to be in that film. It's a great redneck comedy, and when it becomes available for purchase, I will let everyone know.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Very Short Weekend Update


I got off work, ran some errands, and chilled at home for a while. I was bored and considered staying there, but eventually, I grew restless. I went to Jordan's Karaoke Bar and Grill. I sang "Stronger" by Kanye West, and a bachelorette party requested that I do "September" by Earth, Wind, and Fire. It was cool.


I saw Across the Universe, the musical in which everyone sings Beatles songs. It was cool. I like Beatles songs. Then, I went to another theatre and saw Why Did I Get Married? It was a little preachy, but the second half of the film redeemed it for me. Jill Scott, Janet Jackson, and the rest of the cast gave pretty solid performances. I ran into Chandra Harkins there, and she let me sit beside her, as long as I didn't talk a lot. I didn't. I also ran into a guy that plays in Paul West's band, and DeAara Lewis (director, Tricks) and her boyfriend were there. It was cool.

After that, I went to watch wrestling over my friend Shomari's mom's house. Wrestling is awesome!!

I am now without any projects currently. Hopefully, Nothing But the Truth will come calling. I also hope I get a part in the Old School Pictures Production Daylight Fades. Be easy, readers!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pre-Indie Memphis Bash

Last night, we had a little pre-Indie Memphis Bash at Otherlands on Cooper. It was cool. Several filmmakers showed trailers of their films. I am in three shorts and two features, and only features were being shown. I am an extra in Team Picture, but I didn't make the trailer. I have a small part in Tricks, but they showed the trailer without me. Both are excellent films. I was glad that DeAara Lewis and Rod Pitt, the director and cinematographer of Tricks (and my friends), were there. They got applause, and people really dug the trailer. It was also good to see Natalie and Chris Boyatt. Natalie's expecting!! I hope they have a healthy child and a good turnout for their film Unhinged. Jon "Sparky" Sparks showed up, too. He is acting in four films and he directed two. He asked me does that mean he has more films than me. Of course I said no...acting and directing are two different categories. I ran into John Beifuss, movie critic for the Commercial Appeal. He saw my small part in Rod's short Survivor. I was glad that he noticed. Everybody was giving me crap for being in ONLY five films. Hey, it was a slow year!!! I don't write and direct films...yet. I can only do so much, people!! I will try to make it a point to talk to the directors I have not worked with. Most of my films are being shown between Saturday and Monday. I will try to see some films, but I did not take off this year. I have to work. At least I am back on first shift. We will see how I am feeling when I get off at 6 PM.

I will post my films and screen times in the coming week. If you know me or if you love film, please support the Indie Memphis Film Fest. Be easy, readers!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

This Week's Audition

On Tuesday, I auditioned for Daylight Fades, the new film being produced by Old School Pictures. Their last film, Act One, played at the 2005 Indie Memphis Film Festival and got Best Feature in the Hometowner category. I like their work, and I really want to be in this film. Shout out to Dedrick Bullard (Eat, Curbside Confessions), Lina Fritsche (Unholy Passion, Curbside Confessions), Geoff and Jan Falk, and Jannean Farmer (Arthur Henry, 100 Lives), fellow actors who auditioned as well. It was quick, it was fun. I read for the role of a sarcastic best friend. I've lived that role several times, so it was second nature. Shout out to Aaron Jones (What Goes Around, Curbside Confessions) and Ashley, who were auditioning for a play in the same building (U of M Theatre Building). I REALLY want to be in this film. I hope they saw something that they liked. Right now, I don't have a project lined up. This could be cool. As always, time will tell. Be easy, readers!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Last Week's Filming and Weekend Update: 10/8/07


I had to reshoot a few scenes for Jonathan Postal's student film. We shot them in his home. He also took a few still photographs. I thought they looked like some movie trading cards when I looked at them. Cool. I hope Jonathan's project turns out well.


I went to the doctor, and I am now at 280 pounds. That's an 11-pound loss in about a month or so. I gotta keep it up. The target weight is 215. That means more salad and exercise for me.


I got off work, ran some errands, and went home.


I got off work, went home and changed clothes, took a nap, then I drove out to Oakland, Tennessee. It was my second cousin Katerrius' birthday. I came to give my cousin Anwar his birthday gift, a Hulk Hogan four-disc DVD collection. He liked it. As usual, my family is crazy. My aunt got offended when I told her to call before she pops up over my brother's house. In most families, that would be the end of it. Not in my family. I then left, went to Circuit City on Germantown Parkway, then to Toys R Us. I ran into a buddy of mine from college, Samuel Pieh. He married his college sweetheart, and they have a young girl with another one on the way. It was good to see Sam. I pray that he and his wife have another healthy child.

Later, I went to Jordan's Karaoke Bar and Grill. I had a good time, but once again, I started noticing all the couples in there. I think I've about had it with the single life. I might have to get me a mail-order bride or something.


I met up with Duane Scott, Chris Byerly, and R.C. Knight of Knight Entertainment. I shot a scene in Duane's horror film Cruel. It was fun. Of course, my character dies. I just hope it looks good. After that, I went back home, showered, and went over my boy Shomari's mom's house to watch the WWE pay-per-view No Mercy with my friends.

I plan on auditioning for Old School Pictures' film Daylight Fades this evening. I liked their last picture, Act One. Hopefully, I can get a role in this one. Be easy, readers!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Last Tuesday's shoot Plus Weekend Wrap-Up


I shot a scene for 100 Lives, the film written by and starring Darius Wallace (Dollars and Signs). I played a Strip Club Bouncer. I didn't really have any lines, but I adlibbed a few. I break up a fight between Darius' character and another character. It was cool, and I was glad to work with Rod Pitts again ( I wore all black. I hope the black clothes and my weight loss help me look decent in this film. Shout out to some of the other people that I knew in the film. My fellow actors Keenon (Tricks), Kim Moore, Jacqui G, and Jennean Farmer (Just the Two of Us). My only regret is that it was a one day shoot. I wish Rod, Darius and the rest of the crew well with the rest of the production. Shout out to producer Montana Traxx, who was an extra. That man makes good hip-hop beats!!


I got off work, ran some errands, and I saw The Kingdom. Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner, and Jason Bateman gave solid performances, but it drags a little bit in the middle. I also thought it was neat that Peter Berg (who also directed the movie Friday Night Lights) had some roles for two actors from the Friday Night Lights TV show: Kyle Chandler, who plays the coach, and Minka Kelly, who plays head cheerleader Lila Garrity, had small roles in the film. I hope directors hook me up like that someday (Hint, hint!!). After that, I got some food and headed home.


I got off work, took a nap, then I woke up and headed to Jordan's Karaoke Bar and Grill. Shout out to my girl Jessica, her husband, Sing, Ryan, and everybody who was celebrating Jessica's birthday. I had a pretty good time, I guess. I am getting tired of always going out places by myself, though. That's not fun anymore.


Bryan Newcomb (Just the Two of Us) and I went to Borders, Backyard Burger, Target, then to the movies. We saw Eastern Promises, the new film starring Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings) and Naomi Watts (21 Grams). It was a good film, but it was disturbing. It was very graphic and very violent. You don't want to bring the kids to that one. After that, I received a call from a friend of mine from college, Zeknovia Charles. She was in town, and we met up at Perkins and attempted to eat. The people were moving a little bit slow, so I wound up getting my food to go. Perkins on Poplar, you are on notice. You all have been dropping the ball lately. It was good to see Zeknovia again, if only for a little while.

Once again, I had a weekend that did NOT involve filming. This has been a slow year. Hopefully, I can get a role in the big-budget film shooting in Memphis this month. Nothing But the Truth would be a nice band-aid to ease the frustration over lack of work this year. Be easy, readers!!!